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  1. RetSenior

    49er Enduro - Sunday Oct 25th

    That's probable why they scored it from the time riders checked in till they checked out.
  2. RetSenior

    Forest Service Withdraws 5-Year Permit

    Myself I appreciate all the work/fight that Bill D., Dave W., CERA, D36, BRC have done and will continue to do. So much more could be said but I will leave it at these are who I support:thumbsup:
  3. RetSenior

    49er Enduro - Sunday Oct 25th

    Jeff, sorry for the confusion, since my clock was off by aprx 2 minutes I was trying to get riders checked in for the long test. After I scored everyone I tried to tell them they were good and my clocks off, it's a long test go go go. Never give up on your race and always ride your clock. Glad you had a good time because that was great dirt to ride on. My best to you.
  4. Yes I was the rider that was in the head on. All I kept yelling was I hope you broke your F...... back. I just checked into Check 10 a 30mph test section and was on the gas out of the check on the very far right of the road and I look up and here is coming 2 riders down the road hauling ass on my side. I dove to the right and he dove right at me to his left. I got radiator, handled bar and tweaked fork damage but was able to finish. My body came out of it alright as I let my bike take the major impact. I understand you can not rehabilitate an idiot. Just goes with the territory. So much more I could say but life is to short.
  5. RetSenior

    RAIN in NORCAL - Goldnote perfection

    Man......I wish it would rain in Georgetown
  6. RetSenior

    Polecat Enduro - Who's Going?

    It's all in FUN. Riding, Racing and even these good ole message boards.........it's all in FUN!!!
  7. RetSenior

    One new OHMVR Commissioner

    Your quite the joker
  8. RetSenior

    49er Family Enduro This Saturday

    I pasted a picture of me over it.....looks good now:p
  9. RetSenior

    Sawmill Enduro Roll Call!

    I'm 69C
  10. RetSenior

    GT question...

    How Funny
  11. I thought it was Wiley out there riding with BB
  12. RetSenior

    Sunday - March 30 Rock Lobster/Flume ride

    I heard the words Wiley and KTM in the same sentence.
  13. RetSenior

    Sunday - March 30 Rock Lobster/Flume ride

    Kevin, Travis and Brian came apond us clearing a trail and helped us BIG time. To bad you coundn't of been riding with them. Maybe one day you will complete that honey-do-book, NOT
  14. RetSenior

    OHV Volunteers help OPEN Georgetown/Rock Creek

    Steve....I use this for my chain saw with the chain saw plate.....works good for me although I could not keep up with yzwiley as if I could anyway. The little fast flocker. http://www.promotobillet.com/catalog/index.php/cPath/24 ps....Georgetown Sucks
  15. RetSenior

    GTown Western Zone Open 2/27/08