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  1. I didn't take the idle screw out but I went through and blew all of the Jets and passages out with air
  2. So I have a 2006 crf450r that was just rebuilt by a reputable builder, new rod and 13.5:1 piston. It started before the rebuild but when I got the motor back and in the chassis it will not start. I am getting fuel, spark, air, and the timing and valve lash is set properly. I put a new pilot jet and spark plug in anyway and it didn't help anything, I am getting it to pop out the exhaust and that's about it. Any suggestions?
  3. If your not racing flattrack this isn't the exhaust for you, jemcos can be anywhere from 104-110 db. However if you are, John Eastons phone number is 713-461-3834
  4. Has anyone tried this RHC 23 cam in a carbed CRF450R yet?
  5. did you ever rejet from summer to winter? did you ride it alot this winter?? if so youve been running your bike lean for a long time and more than likely more than just a valve is burned up.. sorry man
  6. i was just wondering what all of you suspension nuts would do to get maximum traction, i am a flattracker and i know the very basics of what is done to our suspension. most everyone has their suspension lowered 4-5 inches and it is very stiff. i was just interested in what you would do to suspension to get maximum traction for flat sweeping corners and braking bumps and chop coming out of corners.
  7. go to a local harley store and see if they have any old used 21's and cut the sidewall off of it and insert into the front tire, rear you can do the same thing with a rear or front 19 inch tire, make sure the inside of the sidewall is smooth so it doesnt catch on the tube and just use a 4.00x19 rear and a normal front tube, it doesnt take up that much space in there:thumbsup:
  8. smetana_74

    tuf suzuki

    what about for an ice racer lookin for max power, oversize valves and throttlebody mods?
  9. smetana_74

    tuf suzuki

    thats pretty awesome, i bet jake could get used to that pretty quick
  10. smetana_74

    tuf suzuki

    Ron this suzuki you built sounds like an animal, why do you think that nobody flattracks these? From what im hearin it is the motor to have and they take the corners like nobodies bussiness. It's too bad there are so few at the gnc's.. What kinda hp do you think you could make for a flattrack bike and be legal with it? Is 63 or 64 hp with 40 ft. lbs. torque out of the question? That would be an amazing engine!
  11. Exactly what Ron said, the honda 450 is the 350 chevy of the flattrack community. There has been loads of testing for suspension setup and engine setups and most companies make parts for them. While watching daytona did you notice that the winner Sammy Halbert was on a yamaha? he was riding his 2007 yz450f over his '10 because for flattrack its all about setup. what do you mean that it wasnt a test of riding skill? The daytona short track is probably one of the hardest tracks to race on because of the surface and those guys were flying out there for the track they had. i think it was 2007 travis pastrana didnt even make the main event at daytona. He was quite a bit off of qualifying times...
  12. how many hours does it have on it? the rings most likely need to be changed, it can still run good but when i put a new top end in mine it had a 1/4 inch ring gap and it ran great, other than that the water pump seal likes to leak. good luck with it
  13. mine wouldnt start worth a crap either till i put it a jd jet kit, even a 42 pilot helped quite a bit. i have had to file the pin twice now so who knows how long it will keep doing it.
  14. same exact thing happened to me twice now, you cannot buy the decompressor separate so what you need to do is take the exhaust cam out and grind a flat spot on the little part that hits the rocker, i used a very sharp file but if that doesnt work for you carefully use a dremel. cover the whole cam with papertowels taped to it so you dont get any shavings on it. make sure when you take the cam out the lobes are facing outwards so there is no stress on the valves and rockers so it is a smooth disasembaly also. i also had to take some material off of the bottom of the counterbalancer weight thats on the opposite side so that the decopressor pin would make more contact, i would just make a little flatspot on the top of it for now and bold it in again and keep trying. remember that it is better to have to take it back out and grind a little more off than to grind too much off at once and buy a new cam. good luck with it... and remember to torque everything down to specs, middle four then outer four for the buckets!
  15. aw come on now canadian screws are cheating!!!
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