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  1. blaster200pr

    Silicone Rad Hoses

    On the dizzer i get the drc ones, very good quality and fitment. I used the chinese ones out of ebay in my yfz450. They just needed a little trim to fit perfectly and have been there for a few years now. Go ahead and get em!
  2. blaster200pr

    akrapovic for drz400..?

    Back in 2005 i installed a full ti akra exh. Really was a nice exhaust, great craftsmanship and deep nice sound. Exhaust performs good for a stock engine and good powerband. like mentioned before can is long as ... A shorty mod will look lot sexier. my sm back in 2005
  3. blaster200pr

    Mikuni tm40 carb kit option

    Hi guys i am on the step to get rid of the cv carb.i would really want to go fcr39 tt kit but prices are going up everytime i get a look at them and its a little hard to spend $600+ these days.... I know its the best and complete bolt on option no doubts. Doing some search i found some people using the mikuni tm40 carb but not a lot of info from them (performance,jetting,fitment,etc) i've found 2 websites offering a tm40 bolt on kit for the drz at a very reasonable price. I decided to contact them and prices where the same for both just shipping charges differences. Both offers the kit for 270.84 euro ($287usd) they said its a bolt on to stock intake and airbox rubber and will work with stock throttle cables. I would like to hear your opinions.
  4. blaster200pr

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Just get on the mail DRC blue silicone hoses from : moto-heaven and Zeta heel guard from tt user @ marzz Thanks!!
  5. blaster200pr

    best oil Filter for DRZ400

    Can't go wrong with HI-FLO Cheap and Quality as oem
  6. blaster200pr

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Just get decided and get rid of the stock ugly bar end weights. Get a pair of some nice domino grips. (Best grips ive tried so far) At the time install a new motion pro throttle tube mp 01-0093 ( fitment is perfect) Take it for a quick test and yes i notice a small vibration on hands, just nothing that bothers, and of course it looks 200times better and more clearance to get between cars on traffic without touching mirrors lol Get a crappy pic but we get the idea!
  7. blaster200pr

    Take the sm to the 1/8 mile for 1st time

    im saving up to get my next mod . im going with the fcr39 kit .
  8. blaster200pr

    Take the sm to the 1/8 mile for 1st time

    Nice ! What are your mods ? @707lake
  9. Hi guys just want to share some numbers i get at local drag strip named underground motorsports. Small strip nearby just $5.00 and you can race all night. Take out the sm with a few friends to see how it does. Best et so far 8.34 @1/8 not remember how much mph . (Theres no timeslip for this test n tune) just an annauncer. In this pass against a 450 ktm, me right lane 8.39 vs ktm left lane 8.38 i get the win by holeshot . Mods: mrd ssw, jetted, k&n, pump 93oct
  10. blaster200pr

    Exhaust Tone With a Carbon Fiber Can?

    maybe it has a worn out packing. go ahead open it and do a re-pack that may solve your raspy sound. packing is cheap, either solve the prob or not is part of mantainance.
  11. blaster200pr

    VIDEO - Power in a Box

    Did you have any detailed pictures of the carb installed ? Want to see how it really fits to the airbox boot and the intake manifold side .
  12. blaster200pr

    VIDEO - Power in a Box

    Nice video! Good to see people are trying different options rather than fcr with good results. After reading this post i decide to hit up Lectron to get more info on the lectron carb for drz. This is what i get emailed. Yes we have complete kit available for DRZ400's. The kit includes Lectron power jet 4 stroke carburetor, intake manifold, throttle, cable and Dyno tested. The kit cost 569. We have 36mm, 38mm and 40mm carbs for that bike. The most common is our 36mm for most bikes and 38mm for HP and ported bikes. Please let us know how we can help. Thank you, Thank you, Kevin Gilham President Lectron Fuel Systems 4535 Southwinds Drive Lorena, TX 76655 254-857-3828 / Fax 254-857-9739 www.lectronfuelsystems.com / kevin@lectronfuelsystems.com Heres also a short youtube clip from the drz getting dyno tested @ Lectron. Doesnt show up any numbers but they said a 18% powergains were obtained.
  13. blaster200pr

    Never saw oil come from here before!?!

    nothing to worry, just a drain hole for the spark plug to prevent retain water/mud/dirt. maybe chek your valve cover gasket ,it may be a little work and oil is going to spark plug area.
  14. very good! what gearing are you running ?
  15. blaster200pr

    Will an FMF Q4 slip on fit on MRD header?

    Check your pm/inbox Got a full fmf system for trade if your interested