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  1. mxhonda419

    2011 rmz450 missing and popping help me!

    Bad fuel pump/injector ?
  2. mxhonda419

    09 crf450r clutch oil black

    Put fresh oil in it and run it for 2 minutes through the gears then drain it and fill it back up with fresh oil. When ur doing an oil change u might not be getting all of the old stuff out , so the old oil is mixing with the new stuff and turning it black .
  3. mxhonda419

    08 vs 09 crf450r

    There are no crank issues if u keep up on oil changes... You will love either bike. 08 was fantastic. 09 was fantastic.
  4. mxhonda419


  5. mxhonda419

    Help 2012 CRF 450

    I have a 12 with a remap and it still does this. WHEN AT IDLE. U will never ever notice it on the track. It did it with the stock pipe, a yosh, and now with a dr.d. I can kill it on the stand, but don't ever have a bog or flameout on the track
  6. mxhonda419

    just picked up a lmtd 08' 450

    Awesome bike . All black usually looks terrible but Honda did a good job with that 1. When they first came out I wanted 1 but didn't wanna pay the extra dough. Congrats
  7. mxhonda419

    12 wants to start then dies

    The ground where it mounts on rad bolt dirty or loose?
  8. mxhonda419

    muffler question

    As stated above, it will not work. I have one for a 12 in excellent shape if u need 1
  9. mxhonda419

    2006 CRF450 "GLOWING" EXHAUST?

    Others have already answered, but I just wanted to add. It is normal when at idle , but u shouldn't let the bike idle that long.
  10. mxhonda419


    Ur timing could be off, or ur auto-decomp isn't installed right or working right. I just did the same work as u on my bike, and the exact same thing u described, was happening to me. The spring on my auto-decomp system came off. Put it back on and bike kicked all the way down and fired first kick.
  11. I run sidi crossfire's. lightweight . Good protection. No break in.
  12. mxhonda419

    2013, things to prep for/look for?

    Should have ran it with the oil it came with, and rode it how u plan on racing it. Not riding it up and down the street. Take it to the track and put a session on it, then change it.
  13. mxhonda419

    Found a new 6-spring clutch kit

    Similar to frame breakers set up I assume. And his is cheaper
  14. What I "think" I have noticed, is better bottom with a full system, and better top with a slip on.