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  1. Judging by the fins I would assume that it does act as somewhat of an oil cooler
  2. 1) I dont think it was because of hitting the crank. What premix ratio were you running at? Is it possible someone (you or your friend) filled up the bike with the 4t gas instead of the 2t mixed gas? 2) As long as you are patient and have basic knowledge in using tools, then you can get it done. No use in taking it to a shop and paying for something that you could do yourself. I would recomend the Service manual though as it helps tons. Also, post questions here.
  3. I've driven one of those UTV's and theuy are definately unsafe. Almost rolled it while casually riding it through the woods. Not something I will be piloting or riding in again.
  4. I have a story that might show how expensive boots can be worth it at times. I started out riding with a $90 pair of FOX Trackers. I upgraded to A-star Tech 10's about 8 months ago ($450 or something like that). Well two weeks ago while riding my quad on the track (please no bashing becaue of the quad. I ride my bike on the track just as much, if not more) One of the nerf bars fell off in the air (my installation error) and I landed not knowing that the nerf bar was gone and by foot got stuck under the rear tire and my foot was dragged under the tire for about 100 feet until the quad stopped. I was sore for about 15 minutes and rode again. If I still had the cheap trackers on I would have definately broken my leg in at least one place if not more. I can safely say that the tech 10's are much more comfortable and provide much, much better protection.
  5. I will try this. I have not fouled a plug since switching from 40:1 to 50:1 except for once in the woods ( I think it was because it didnt touch the clutch and was lugging it the whole time with the help of the FWW!)
  6. Like I said, I dont HAVE to get rid of it.
  7. Wow so that's what they are going for? I guess I have to make my asking price $2200 according to what you guys are saying. If I can get exactly that then maybe I'll let it go. If not, I'll just keep it. Its still a fun bike and not worth loosing money on it.
  8. No one? I was thinking something like $2800. Does that sound about right?
  9. I am thinking of getting rid of my KX250. I have too many bikes and this one doesnt get used a lot. Dont need to sell it, but I would rather have someone ride it than it sit in my garage and collect dust. Its a 2003 with a brand new rear tire, FMF "Q" silencer, and an 11oz. Fly Wheel Weight. Bike starts first kick EVERY TIME. Doesnt matter if its hot or cold. I will put up pics later. Let me know what everyone thinks its worth.
  10. Nice find! How much are you picking that up for?
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