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  1. 06yz

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    Let's hear it. Anderson got 2nd. Now what?
  2. 06yz

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    Sounds like Jason just sucked balls Saturday, no mention of any mechanical or injury. I have never seen a Champion race so poorly. I thought Mike Alessi was racing his bike due to the great start, shuffling backwards and all the looking back. What a horrible night he had. I hope he can pull his head out of his ass this week. Does anyone remember if his shirt tale was untucked? Maybe he forget to untuck it before the start.?
  3. 06yz

    Anybody give a shit Deano got the boot?

    That corner at :27 was sick
  4. 06yz


    Good for him. He crushed it this weekend and had a career year. He's not american, too bad for us.
  5. 06yz

    Anybody give a shit Deano got the boot?

    Here's something else Deano does out of his sprinter van https://youtu.be/O86OhKeTkHM
  6. 06yz

    Anybody give a shit Deano got the boot?

    +1, he seems like a great guy. Always upbeat, huge smile. He could have been a great ambassador of the sport. Too bad his career has been filled with season ending injury after season ending injury.
  7. 06yz

    Tyler "One Punch" Evans

    That is some crazy shit!!!
  8. 06yz

    Tyler "One Punch" Evans

    So sad, RIP Tyler
  9. 06yz

    Kailub Russell to Race Pro Motocross

    Flies like pudding?
  10. 06yz

    Kailub Russell to Race Pro Motocross

    Ha, ^^^^^^^^^, he'll be around 7th place
  11. 06yz

    Kailub Russell to Race Pro Motocross

    Agreed, he is an animal. 2 years ago when he had the title wrapped up w/ 2 rounds left he raced a 150sx for the last and waxed the field XC1 field.
  12. 06yz

    Kailub Russell to Race Pro Motocross

    Tyler Bowers has been a bust ever since he left AX for SX and went into the season with a chip on his shoulder thinking he had to show everyone how much of a badass he is on the bike. He raced like a total douche, unnecessarily putting riders on the ground, for an elite team and now is a privateer. He totally reminds me of Josh Hansen's douchebaggery racing the year he cost himself the championship by trying to put Carard on the dirt and Cardard punted his ass. Same dumbass riding by both idiots for the same top team and they are both off in obscurity.
  13. 06yz

    How long do we have to wait

    Been wondering the same thing. Last year he was talking mad shit about Tomac, this year he can't even catch Eli's dust before it settles.
  14. 06yz

    What’s on Eli’s Engine?

  15. 06yz

    Top Jimmy Drunk Off His @$$

    Haha, yea he is lit.