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  1. 640AK

    520 RS / 498 RR vs 500 RS / 480 RR

    My 1999 KTM 640 Adventure was just a run of the mill 625cc LC4 engine. Beta isn't the first to play with silly, misleading names for their machines. It's just the marketing dept. justifying their salaries. I resisted the Fuel Injection Revolution as long as I could but my 2016 500RS has done nothing to disappoint me. I needed a foundation for a snowbike and the 500 fit the bill. I had a Husky 300 on a Timbersled the year prior and I don't miss the jetting hassle at all. In the dirt, the 500 is awesome for a slow vet until you have to pick it up.
  2. 640AK

    BW350 vs. WR450

    OOOOoooo!!! Controversey!! Wait. That's not controversy. That's mediocrity. My specialty.
  3. 640AK

    BW350 vs. WR450

    Well, thanks for watching. Even if it didn't stir the pot on a WR-specific forum.
  4. 640AK

    BW350 vs. WR450

    That turned out to be completely uncontroversial. I think Trump is stealing all of my thunder.
  5. 640AK

    BW350 vs. WR450

    I'm not sure if this is considered "trolling" or "baiting." It might even be "lurking." I'm just not really familiar with all of these fancy new internet terms because I ride a motorcycle from 1987 and might be considered "Old School." I hope it's one of those things, if not more than one. Thanks for watching. Mr. BigWheel
  6. If I was Canada, I would start building a wall right now. I think Mexico is already building one.
  7. And now we get to see the Democrat circus! Can you get any more lucky?
  8. Here at Enduro Alaska, we realize that you have many, many opportunities to waste your time on YouTube. We are grateful that you have chosen to waste your time with Enduro Alaska and the BigWheel Channel, and we hope that you continue to exercise poor judgement in the future. Seven30Seven and Shrubitup, It's good to see that you're still around and kicking. Keep up the excellent work. Regards, Mr. BigWheel
  9. This is the latest and..... well, let's just leave it at "latest' from Enduro Alaska:
  10. Hell yes, I finished it! It only took two years to go a hundred miles. I searched around every day and found another 490, but I don't think it was yours. We, of course, were camped out next to the beer tent. When you rode past me, I thought "Boise!, No!. Casper! No! Laramie! No! Jackson! No!" By the time I got to Sheridan, you were long gone. My brain runs even more slowly when I'm riding.
  11. Thanks to everyone for watching and the kind words. Finally back home from the human zoo of the Stumpjumpers' Desert 100 in Odessa, WA. I'm still extracting dirt and dust from cracks, crevices and other places where the sun don't shine. That's a long one.
  12. Trialscross is where the real men ride. Really old men. Some of them still play with dollies, though. Thanks for choosing to waste your time with Enduro Alaska
  13. The fat tired sickness has finally gone mainstream:
  14. 640AK

    Enduro Alaska tests the 2014 TE300

    Ok. I'll get back to the grindstone and get some more videos out. Does anyone know it there is a turbo available for the TE300? It seems like there is a kit for every snowmachine out there but none for the bikes. I have to throw Hollywood some kind of bone for the comparison...
  15. 640AK

    Enduro Alaska tests the 2014 TE300

    H6llyw76d has decided to install a nitrous system to make it an even match. I still won't bet on the 300 though.