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  1. uptwolait

    turbo project: redux

    Just a very late *bump* hoping UB is still around. I followed this thread daily back when it was alive, and just now came back to TT after a long break after selling my DRZ. Any chance you've got some amazing new project I haven't had the privilege of following lately?
  2. uptwolait

    North Carolina DRZ Rider's Thread

    If you're willing to come north and west a bit, there are some great twisty paved roads around the Brushy Mountains for street riding, and great offroad riding at Brown Mountain (a little north of Morganton). PM me if you want to meet up and I'll gladly take you to either/both. Regarding CAW... it's good riding, but pretty hot and dusty during the summer months. I'll meet you there too.
  3. uptwolait

    North Carolina DRZ Rider's Thread

    I browsed through all these pages and didn't see anyone from around the Iredell County area where I am. I have a DRZ400S with an off-road wheel set and an SM wheel set. Depending on who wants to ride and where, I can be on the twisties anywhere from Brushy Mountain Road all the way over to Shady Valley on 421 heading to Damascus. When I need to eat some dust & dirt, I can usually be found at Brown Mountain Offroad Park or down at Carolina Adventure World in SC.
  4. Hey Brian! Absolutely, that wheel set has served me and the Zed fantastically over the years. It's taken me from the mountains of NC to the Ozarks of Arkansas all the way over the Douglas Pass in CO. This year they've seen more shelf time than prior years, since my now 16 year old son has been hitting the woods hard on a YZ250F. I put my dirt set back on to try to keep up with him, and have been totally humbled in my advanced age. Something about riding a bike that's 100 lbs heavier than his, with half the horsepower... I've taken my share of ibuprofen. Thanks for checking in!
  5. I haven't been on this forum much in the last few years, but I was around when this all took place. I was amazed then, and still am, at just how great people can treat each other here on TT. Glad the bike is still going and getting new chapters extending into two generations of the family!
  6. uptwolait

    Trials tire on a YZ250: first ride

    Where in NC are you riding? Brown Mountain about killed me on my DRZ400 with regular knobbies, those roots were tossing me like I was trying to cross wet railroad tracks at an angle. Do you also run a trials tire on the front? My front end was giving me more fits than the rear.
  7. uptwolait

    07 ttr 230 clutch help advice

    My son's buddy has a TTR230 with this same problem. The clutch used to engage when the lever was pretty far out. We adjusted it to move the friction point closer to the grip, but after riding for a while the clutch now does not want to completely disengage. Even with the cable adjusted to the max, it wants to creep in gear with the clutch in. Can anyone give an easy method to determine if the clutch is really shot? Is there a way to inspect it without removing the clutch pack from the bike? If it needs to be removed and replaced, does this require any special tools? Since this isn't my bike, I don't have a manual for it. I was just wanting to help him out if I could. Thanks!
  8. uptwolait

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    I recognize that, it's the "playground" on The Snake. Here's a shot of me coming around that curve...
  9. uptwolait

    couldnt wait to tell everyone

    Tip: You can set a link to jump to a specific time within a YouTube clip by adding #t=XXmYYs to the end of the link ("XX" is minutes, "YY" is seconds). For this clip, jump to the good stuff at:
  10. uptwolait

    Lots of seat posts, here's a home made option.

    I shop at Wal Mart, not Target.
  11. uptwolait

    Eddie...still the MAN!

    I moved from NC to AR last fall, and my dirt wheel set is still in NC. Not sure when I'll be able to bring them out. I don't know about doing hare scrambles, but I'm up for any non-competitive dual sporting around the area. My next set of SM tires will probably be on/off road if I'm still in Arkansas.
  12. uptwolait

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    A couple pics from riding today at the Book Cliffs in Grand Junction, CO...
  13. uptwolait

    that #@$%#@# stock seat, round one the $20 solution

  14. I decided that the problem with the stock seat is lack of padding AND lack of width...so I decided to make my own mod. I found some "nipple foam" at a store that sells beds and stuff. It was advertised for improving circulation when placed under the fitted sheet. I think hospitals may use something similar to avoid bed sores. I also picked up a cheap shag bath mat from Wal Mart (rubber backed, totally water proof). The first step was to cut two layers as shown below, with a narrow part close to the gas tank. The curled up side bolsters add width farther rearward, like a Corbin seat. The duct tape serves two purposes...to hold it all together, and to pull the side bolsters inward when you sit on it, kind of like a tension strap underneath that pulls the sides in when bowed over the seat. The pic should explain better... Then I start with the bathmat upside down on the seat, and put the foam on top of it... One bungee holds the foam and mat in place underneath... Then flop the mat over on top. I use another bungee on top, but if you're not going to stand up while riding, it's not needed... Final product. This has extended my rides from ~100 miles max to over 300 miles in a day... No more numb buns!
  15. uptwolait

    Eddie...still the MAN!