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  1. adrunkgerbil

    simple green on plastic?

  2. adrunkgerbil

    New Top End for all 450's

    I hope you are kidding.
  3. adrunkgerbil

    Dry rebuild question

    I'm a bit confused here.
  4. adrunkgerbil

    Special Tool

    You can find a feeler gaguge at just about any auto parts store.
  5. Wow that sucks man, I wish him luck. I litreally live 2 min from capeway track, I am suprised I didn't hear or see the helicopter.
  6. adrunkgerbil

    oil weight for 2strokes

    Here is a chart of it
  7. adrunkgerbil

    V force 3 and my mud ride

    Pics of how dirty the bike was?
  8. adrunkgerbil


    http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/ EDIT: didn't see the post above.
  9. adrunkgerbil


    You will most likey be ok with a 250f.
  10. adrunkgerbil

    rotella t, again

  11. adrunkgerbil

    2007 yz 250 2 smoker break in tips

    With a cast piston you really don't have anything to worry about. If its forged, extra caution is needed.
  12. adrunkgerbil

    '06 Engine and carb: What other years will they fit?

    Even with the change from steel to aluminum frame?
  13. adrunkgerbil

    Horrendous Backfiring

    Check for any air leakes. Double check that the air boot is tight.