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    Surgery with Dr Mark today.

    great, I'm doing mine soon as well, you should ask in a few days if there is anything she wished she had brought with her to make things any easier.
  2. hartzpad

    One year post op with Dr. Mark

    Wow, that's some bad luck. I'm hopefully going into Dr. Mark for my 2nd ACL on March 10th, I'm hoping it will be slightly easier than the first (patella tendon graft, same knee), but I am preparing myself for the worst in case it happens. After reading much from the naysayers about patella tendons, my 10 year old patella tendon ACL has worked great, sure it hurt to kneel for about a year but it was just as strong as my untouched knee, until I crashed on it again recently and partially tore it.
  3. hartzpad

    Upright bike vs Recumbent Bike

    I bought a $90 recumbant bike from Wal-mart last week to get started on my knee and it works great, very comfortable and I can stay on it for a long time. Computer is nice for heartrate and other data. It could break tomorrow and I already feel that I got my money's worth.
  4. I was told by Dr. Sanders' office they could fit me in for surgery in Houston March 3rd, I have to travel for work April 1-3. Is 3.5 weeks enough time to get confident on my feet? This work will entail lots of standing and some walking (tradeshow). My only other option is to wait until May to get surgery so I have enough time to recover. I have read many patient accounts that they could have returned to work after 2 weeks but it would have been hard, correct? My last ACL took about a month to get confident off of crutches but that is a totally different surgery. It has been a week and a half since reinjuring my ACL (partial ACL tear but it is very loose), I have no swelling and feel very stable walking on it normally everyday. I am also riding the stationary bike about an hour everyday with no problem. I can touch my heal to my butt and fully extend. My local doctor said that I should wait a few weeks for the scar tissue to form before surgery. Do I wait for the scar tissue to form and see how it is or do I get surgery in this window for recovery (March 3rd-April 1st) that I currently have?
  5. I am going to have to get ACL surgery again and want to get a start on getting on the bike now whether I go to Dr. Mark (need to check my insurance) or do it locally. What is better, upright stationary bike or the sit down recumbent bikes? I have found a few used bikes locally and want to get started ASAP. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for explaining. My previous ACL repair was done with my own tendon from the same leg. I will look at all of my options before deciding.
  7. Dr. Mark, what type of graft would you recommend? I saw in another thread that you mentioned using a graft from the other leg in fixing an ACL. I'm confused by your last reply. Thanks.
  8. UPDATE: Looks like ACL surgery no matter what. My knee is very loose but the ACL graft still may be intact in the X-Rays (you can see it but it is hard to tell), either way it needs to be fixed. My ACL surgery 10 years ago was a hamstring graft I believe and they didn't have me move my knee for roughly 1.5 weeks, I guess now they like to get you moving and doing PT ASAP. She talked about using a cadaver graft this time. She is really surprised that I have no pain during any movements and my knee is very stable and strong, but the ACL is loose while she thinks that my meniscus seems to be fine. My grafted ACL could have been loose before or I could have already injured it previously and did know because there is no pain and very little swelling and I can use it normally just 3 days after the injury. I am getting an MRI this Thursday to check it out further. Any questions or suggestions? I'm thinking about selling my KTM 525 and switching to a larger dual sport (BMW GS650 Dakar, KTM 640 ADV, BMW X Challenge) to reduce the chance of off-road injury in the next 6-9 months or so and then get another dirt bike when I feel ready next year. Getting a larger bike would keep me out of the singletrack trails and would keep me on the road and jeep trails only, but a heavier bike can also do more damage.
  9. Thanks for the opinion, I set an appt. for tomorrow. Sad thing is that Just last week I had my last appt. with this doctor after a wrist/finger fracture. ACL surgery is not something that I look forward to doing again. Fingers crossed.
  10. I had ACL surgery on my left knee 10 years ago and haven't had a problem since. I was riding in the dunes this weekend (with basic knee guards) and had to catch myself over a bump with my left leg. I think my knee was locked and I jammed/compressed it pretty good. Not much of a sideways pop, just a jam I think. Afterward, it felt weak and would pop or click slightly but did not cause pain or swell up that day, so I stopped riding for fear of injuring it while weak. After resting it, there is no clicking or roughness in movement. It did swell up slightly the next day and limited my range of motion maybe 20%, but I still have most of my range of movement. Icing it, raising it and taking Ibuprofin has helped and there is no pain, just slight swelling and some reduction in range of motion, I can put full weight on my injured knee, no problem. 1) Do I need to fear that I have damaged my miniscus at all or retorn my ACL? I would think that if I tore my ACL again it would feel very hot and swell up quickly afterward like it did when I tore it years ago, it has none of those symptoms. 2) Could Asterisk Knee Guards have prevented this jam injury or are they only good for side loading the knee? My buddy has Asterisk guards and they seem very bulky but I keep hearing that they are the best insurance against knee injury. There are also POD MX guards and EVS guards that looks to be good as well for slightly less money. I'm going to see if the swelling goes down over the next 1-3 days, if not, I'm going into the Sports Medicine Doctor. Thanks for any help.
  11. I had a countershaft oil leak on my 525EXC after installing a renthal sprocket. I installed the 13 tooth sprocket with the number "13" facing away from the engine like normal, but I didn't know that the raised circle on the sprocket needs to go against the oil seal putting the number "13" on the inside. In other works, the sprocket was on backwards and caused the oil leak, even though I had installed it the "right" way by other bike standards.
  12. hartzpad

    Having motor work done-540 kit worth it?

    I haven't ridden any big bore KTM, but in the searches I have done about 540 and 570 kits, it seems that most people agree that higher compression will net you more power than a larger bore at the same compression ratio (11:1 on 450/525 KTMs). If I were doing it, I would go with a higher compression (12:1) wiseco or other brand piston that is bored out to around 540cc instead of spending almost $1000 for the KTM 540 kit which is basically the same thing but with larger coolant passages around the larger bore. Every report I have read says that the stock cylinder even bored out to 540 has plenty of cooling for even hot desert runs or singletrack.
  13. after I got my $2.66 bike stand, I felt bad so I ordered Thor Force helmet for $269, they were great to deal with and I would definitely use them again.
  14. I've seen a lot of recommendations for CTI braces, but way too much money for me.
  15. just getting over a 3 week cast on my wrist (had a slight fracture of the radius bone at the wrist joint), it feels very strong and I want to get a wrist brace to wear. Looking at two braces, if anyone has any other suggestions, give me a link: EVS Wrist Brace six six one brace I probably don't need one that goes around my thumb because my scaphoid (sp?) bone is fine I just need to limit wrist movement. What braces have worked for other people?