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  1. SpED66

    how are the Pocahontas trails planning a june trip...

    Haven't been to Pocahontas since last June but it was fun. Trails might be a bit "skinny" for your dune buggy unless they've gotten wider. I'd suggest staying at Ashland Resort if you're making a weekend out of it. Immediate access to Indian Ridge (wider trails) & you can get to Pocahontas and Pinnacle Creek systems via connectors. That's over 200 miles of HM trails right from your front door.
  2. SpED66

    XR Helmet cam thread

    Two '87 XR200R's in this one. Australian buddy in the black shirt.
  3. SpED66

    XR Helmet cam thread

    I strongly suspect an electrical problem... Back at camp, I discovered it had a very weak spark (sometimes no spark) even with a new plug.
  4. SpED66

    Sick of Kicking

    I put a pumper carb on mine & never looked back. When I have a get off, the motor will usually keep running even if the bike is nearly upside down. But if it does cut off a couple of kicks is all it takes to bring her back to life. With a bum right knee, I also bump start anytime I'm on an incline. Second only to proper suspension, the pumper carb is at the top of the list of mods for me. I envy the e-start bikes no longer.
  5. SpED66

    New 250R Owner

    XR200R graphics on the tank?? Looks like you'll be wanting new tires in the near future.
  6. SpED66

    Contour HD Helmet Camera

    I just recently purchased Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 & it's quite nice. Windows Movie Maker works fine if you don't mind a few extra steps. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/868849-convert-then-edit-hd-in-windows-movie-maker-for-xp-tutorial/page__p__9032391#entry9032391
  7. Time Rider is worth watching for a good time. You can see it on Hulu. http://www.hulu.com/...e-of-lyle-swann
  8. SpED66

    Best $500-ish Knee Braces

    I did, but I have a torn ACL & a touch of arthritis in my right knee. I've seen two different surgeons who don't want to operate on it. They say at my age (45), and the fact that I can walk fine without a brace, reparing the knee will dramatically accelerate the arthritis & that I'd totally regret the procedure. Since I do things other than just ride dirtbikes, I went with a DonJoy that has a removable knee cup & shin guard. I wear over the boot pants with them. They aren't cheap but insurance handled the brunt of the cost. The brace is lightweight, comfortable & extremely sturdy, though a little bulky with the shin guard attached. The only thing I worry about now is breaking my leg because this brace is so solid, but it's supposed to be. http://www.donjoy.eu/en_US/Products__Shop.html http://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-impact-guard-knee-and-shin-protector
  9. SpED66

    South Carolina riding trip

    JACKPOT!!! Time to go shopping for a ring. Are you dating a Kennedy or something? All kidding aside, that's one hell of a spread.
  10. SpED66

    Oregon woods riding

    Nice vid! Thanks for sharing. Really miss the HD option for good stuff like this one, dangit.
  11. He was clearly in shock at first, but yeah. Pretty tough guy with a cool head. Everyone reacts in different ways during such events. Depends on ones personal perception of the severity of the injury too I suppose. In his mind, this may have been a small thing compared to what could have happened. I've seen a guy go wimpering to the hospital for nothing more than a mild bruise. Then others that cracked jokes the whole time with obviously broken body parts. "How many fingers am I holding up?" LOL, classic.
  12. SpED66

    Xr 250 or xr 400

    Depends on the trails & the riders. An olympic weight lifter will likely finish last in gymnastics & vice versa. Anyhoo, wise choice to the OP on an XR for reliability & carefree fun. I love both of mine.
  13. SpED66

    XR Helmet cam thread

    Hauled one of my XR200's to a friends house to see if I could sell it. I experienced one of the most unusual rides of my life that day.
  14. SpED66

    New 250R Owner

    You made a wise decision friend! Check out the "Gordon's mods" stickied in this section of the forum. Those simple, inexpensive modifications really wake up the motor.
  15. SpED66

    XR Helmet cam thread

    Did you record at 60fps? wlmm will only output 30fps as far as I know. Your older vids don't seem to suffer the same problem... you must have done something different this time? Camera on the left is the older ContourHD 720. Cam on the right is the generation after that, being the ContourHD 1080. So no, these aren't of the new Roam variety. Cam on the left has 2 layers of masking tape over the mic hole. Not sure about the cam on the right, but I seem to recall him putting some electrical tape on it. Not really sure. Mic sensitivity is at default setting for both, whatever that is. In other words, we didn't fool with that. Btw, the tape trick works great for speeds under 30mph or so. But you'll still get wind noise when you go really fast no matter what, but to a somewhat lesser extent.