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  1. magazine

    honda crf450l proper long distance review 4000 km

    why is that 25 hp? That's about what my crf250l has
  2. magazine

    Barkbusters / hand guards.. Whats the best?

    I always had love for the Cyrcas until I found Fastways! These mount at the bar mounts, no more clutter and they pivot a little with the plastic washers so big hits dont cause so much damage.
  3. magazine

    tacoma or frontier?

    I went through a tacoma phase in 2000 when I bought a brand new extended cab v6 4wd tacoma for 20k. It was a great truck but they are a little overpriced nowadays. I liked that body style but kind of dislike the new bodystyles. To me, they are too rounded and big, might as well get a tundra. The fuel mileage is about the same I think, nothing to write home about. If your wanting to save money, get an older 4runner, basically the same as the tacoma but seem to sell MUCH cheaper.
  4. magazine

    New 2011 WR450

    I got a new 07 recently, not sure on the differences but mine ran terrible until I took out the pea shooter in the exhaust and removed the snorkle. I havent done anything else and it no longer bogs and seems to run much better. That would be a quick fix without having to work too much.
  5. magazine

    I love my bike now!

    Really? After reading the dirt rider issue this month, all they did was the exhaust tip removal, snorkal remoal, and throttle stop fix. They left the jetting alone. Mine bogs really bad but may be a clogged pilot or something. I've not rode it but around the block.
  6. magazine

    NBD! WR450F

    The bike is all corked up thats for sure. What a sweet bike though and a great price to boot! I just sold my old bike for more than this one cost. I need to get the jd jetting kit and the ais removal kit. Will taking the tip out of exhaust possibly help eliminate the bog? What if anything can I do to help her run a little better for now without purchasing any kits?
  7. magazine

    99 WR400 Rebuild

  8. magazine

    NBD! WR450F

    I just got a NEW 07' WR450f OTD $3999. It was dealers personal bike. It had less than 30 miles on it, not a single scratch anywhere, tits on tires. I've never had a WR but have heard great things about their reliability. Anyone care to chime in on some mods that may need to be done? I really like the stock look so nothing drastic like aftermarket exhaust please.
  9. magazine

    KTM 400xcw or 300xcw

    I had an 08 300, loved the bike, it had 365 hours on the motor when I sold it. The bottom end had never been touched. It had a couple top end rebuilds. The problem with those bikes is the electric start. Guaranteed, you will have problems with it. I now ride a 450 xcw and love it. I've not had overheating issues like some. It just feels to me like you get so much more for your money with the four strokes. I dont think valve adjustments should even be considered an issue. They simply never budge. You can also figure in what you are going to spend over the course of say 150 hours on premix. Youll probably save money overall even if you decide to do head work when rebuilding your 4 stroke.
  10. 15/40 Go to ktmtalk.com, shop and get you some filters first. You might find a manual as well, sounds like you have your first dirt bike.
  11. I love my 09 450 xc-w and cant complain one bit, the husaberg would be awfully tempting though at that price.
  12. magazine

    2009 450 XCW leaks oil

    I have an 09 450 xcw as well and have experienced that from day 1. Its never been much more than a couple places, and just enough for dust to stick to it. How much is leaking out?
  13. magazine

    exc exhaust on an xc-w?

    i have an 09 model 450 xcw, it looked like the exc end cap was a different part number, i assumed it would be quieter and was looking for imput, not sure now...
  14. Thinking about buying the endcap for an exc for my new xc-w to quieten it down just a bit more. I enjoy a quiet ride through the woods? Any pros and cons about doing this? The jetting is perect right now, would I need to make any changes? Would it even make it any quieter?
  15. magazine

    Reusing Oil Filter

    i reuse mine from time to time, i'm cheap and dont see anything wrong with it myself. Just dont reuse it more than a few times.