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  1. ARMRD X

    Blast from the past! DRZ475TT

    Shh… Don't tell anyone, I got to ride the lightening a few times before its untimely separation from life.
  2. ARMRD X

    Help us improve this DR-Z400 product

    Send a bike to put them on??? That would be cool of you guys. <3
  3. https://www.facebook.com/francestunt.org/videos/823122604455478/
  4. I had a Kryptonite lock on the rear sprocket with a chain going to my parking structure. It was left in gear and the steering lock locked. Even had a cover over it. They wanted it bad. It was dragged from behind my truck and lifted into the back of a Ford Ranger.
  5. Thank you RM. I posted in the SouthWest forum.
  6. It was parked behind my truck.
  7. MY BIKE WAS STOLEN LAST NIGHT…. 9/1-2/2014 Las Vegas. Please help and repost to other websites your on. Thank you.
  8. It was a 2006 Suzuki DR-Z400s. Blue and Black. Happened between 6:00 pm 9/1/2014 and 9:30am 9/2/2014
  9. ARMRD X

    "i beat the seat" or 'the end is near"

    I just noticed mine doing the same thing.
  10. Oh, for some reason I thought Eddie built it. So are you planning a re build?
  11. I guess no going back to "Burned" for a rebuild?