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  1. artguy

    clarke tank is not fitting right. need a little help

    I'm using the same sort of vent on my cap without any problems for the last three years and we've had lots of 100°+ weather here in Soonerland. You should replace the vent or find out why it isn't venting. However, now that your tank is distorted, you probably won't be able to get it back in shape.
  2. artguy

    clarke tank is not fitting right. need a little help

    The Clarke tank should fit just like the original steel tank using the original rubber mounts on the frame. If the tank is too wide, there is a problem with the tank. I'm not sure how it could be too wide. Are you sure it is for a DR650? Should look like this:
  3. artguy

    buy new battery?

    The original battery in my '06 died without warning this Spring. I kept it on a Battery Tender when I wasn't riding it. Then, I took it on ride in early April, parked it 'til the next ride about about 4 days later. The Battery Tender was glowing green and all looked good to go. When I hit the starter button the crank turned maybe 1/2 a revolution and that was it. Next time nothing. I charged it all night, even though the charger was showing green again...nothing. I've never had a bike battery go like that. The next week I was leaving for an eight day D/S ride. I sure am glad it went when it did. My buddy's bike was running a battery of the same age and he binned it before the trip. It might have lasted another year. Or maybe not.
  4. artguy

    Rain Gear Question

    Frog Toggs now make motorcycle specific rain gear with reflective piping and better sealing of the front zipper among other improvements. I've ridden all day with mine in a downpour with minimal leakage. The price is right and it packs down to almost nothing. The jacket makes a great windbreaker if the weather turns cold.
  5. artguy

    Procycle, Corbin or Sergent Seat

    I've put quiet a few miles on my Sargent and I love it. It's worlds better than the stock seat. Sargent is a great company to deal with and sometimes put their seats on sale. When I bought mine, I was able to get the custom piping option for less than the standard black.
  6. artguy

    Which saddle bags ?

    I built simple stand-offs for both sides using 3/8" rod then I zip tied plastic clips to the frame to fasten the bags straps. They keep the bags secure and makes for a quick on and off. This setup has worked well for the last 5 years.
  7. artguy

    Which saddle bags ?

    These Cortech Sport bags have served me well.
  8. artguy

    Cheap and easy license plate bracket for dr650

    If you are doing a tag bracket out of aluminum, avoid sharp bends. Those will lead to fatigue cracks. This is tag bracket 2.0 that I built after the first one failed and left my tag somewhere on a dusty East Texas back-road. The light is a $10 LED unit from Cycle Gear. This bracket has lasted 3 years and several thousand miles of Dual Sport rides.
  9. artguy

    Cleaning the tank

    Go here: http://www.motorcycleanchor.com/motorcycle/how_to/mc_tankrust.html and read the section on Electrolytic rust removal. Simple and you don't have to get the rocks out of your tank.
  10. artguy

    Carb Issues

    FYI - I don't know what type carburetor mount your Suzuki has, but I recently picked up 32mm Keihin knockoff for $35 USD as a replacement for my XR 200s carb. The Chinese carburetor was a direct bolt-on and parts interchanged with the old Keihin which would have cost $160.
  11. artguy

    DR200 horn not working

    I discovered while riding the back roads of Texas that dust will kill your horn. Been riding off road? The quick fix is to go to the nearest AutoZone or whatever and get a Fiaam replacement horn. Get the high tone version. It will cost you less than $20. Toss the original wheezer it is cheese anyway.
  12. artguy

    Turnsignals reco?

    They are conventional incandescent bulbs, but they are plenty bright and just plug and play. I just unbolted the stock signals and bolted these on. A little soldering on the connections and they were done.
  13. artguy

    Carb Issues

    A smaller carburetor might not be as bad as you think. One that is too large will hurt low RPM torque. One that is too small will limit peak power. It’s usually easy to detect a carb that is too small; the engine will accelerate well at low RPM, but will not rev as expected under load. However, in a dirt bike that operates in the lower RPM range much of the time a small carburetor can work well. It is harder to tell when a carburetor is too large. Fuel is metered by the volume of air flow and pressure difference between the manifold vacuum and the atmospheric pressure. The larger the carburetor, the harder it is to measure small air flow and pressure differences caused by low RPMs and wide open throttle. So, if you want good low RPM throttle response, a smaller carburetor could be the ticket. I’ve seen Chinese copies of Keihin carbs for as little as $35. At that price, it might be worth a try.
  14. artguy

    Help with stock dr handlebars

    +2!! What Rob said The stock bars are cheese. Toss 'em. I love my TAG T2 YZ bend Aluminum 1 1/8" tapered Aluminum bars and bar mounts.
  15. artguy

    Turnsignals reco?

    I've been using these K&S signals with flexible stalks for a long time with good results. They are about $20 a pair from Dennis Kirk.