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  1. Quick Question: I've got my friend's KTM 950sm and the volts are fluxuating between idle at 13.1 to accelarating down the road at 16.9. What could be causing this? PS>i'm sorry but i didn't know where to post this question? if you can direct me to the right forum then i will be happy to post it there. Thanks, Frank
  2. Can anyone tell me if the 07 SX-F wired for lights. there's one for sale and i was considering buying it but, i'm down here in the dominican republic and i need lights for riding up in the mountains and coming home late. thanks!
  3. frank12

    ktm 530 vs aprilla 550

    Skully25 answered the question in clear, precise, easy to understand english: "which bike would better suit my needs?" which bike is street legal in your state? which bike has the closest dealer so that when your fuel-injection (550) or carburator (530) needs worked on or dialed-in, how far are you going/willing to drive and how much is it going to cost? etc. there's a million other factors here: the price of both bikes, street legal, off-road capacity with an enduro set-up, or on raod capacity with a supermoto set-up, valve adjustments, oil changes, long riding or short rides? fuel tank capacities? comfort of seats? etc, etc. the list is really endless? how much is it going to cost to convert it back and forth to supermoto and enduro? what is the difference in insurance for both bikes? one uses a key (550) and one does not (530) so, are you going to be parking it outside? etc, etc, i could go on for hours but i have to go to work!
  4. Thanks guys for all the excellent advice!!! it will be heeded!! I appreciate all the feedback. Frank
  5. He doesn't let the engine idle when we stop. we immediately turn the bikes off and his radiator is boiling like i've never heard a radiator boil before. i'm at a lost as to why? t's a 2005 ktm 450exc. his fluid is good, but i need to check and see if he has the right fluid or if it just mostly water with only a little fluid? i will get back with information when i know more. but i was wondering if it could have anything to do with the tempature gage? is there even a tempature gage on these bikes? my 450exc has never boiled before so i'm confused?
  6. My friend just bought a 2005 450exc and everytime we stop, we can hear his water boiling, like eggs, in the radiator. what could be causing this? we aren't doing any slow trail riding either!!!
  7. Thanks a million everyone. i will order the parts and redue it all over again, taking my time. i really appreciate all the help! The suggestions helps a lot. Believe me!
  8. I've replaced the seal behind the front sprocket twice now, including the metal ring (I forget the name) that goes around the seal, and yet, it still leaks oil. what am i doing wrong?
  9. frank12

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    I agree with Shanes; if you got the money, go straight for the best Horsepower-to-weight ratio, which would mean either Aprilia or KTM or Husaberg or Husqvarna. i've owned a 2006 Suzuki 400sm. for my taste (Its a very depending bike) but way underpowered.
  10. frank12

    Dont want a 400..610?

    Here's a little comparison chart between three supermoto's: Aprilia 550vs Husaberg 650 vs KTM 660:
  11. frank12

    Dont want a 400..610?

    Dry weight: 129.0 kg (284.4 pounds) Seat height: 935 mm (36.8 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. Wheelbase: 1,485 mm (58.5 inches) http://www.bikez.com/motorcycles/honda_xr_650_r_2001.php if the dry weight is 284lbs, and it holds nearly 3 gallons of gas and probably around 1.8 liters of oil, that would put the Honda over 300lbs. I think the Honda, like all Honda's--are fantastic bikes, period. but, if i weighed 130lbs i wouldn't want a 300lbs+ bike to go on any trails, tight stuff or not, period. i live here in the dominican republic during the winter, so i take bike trips every other day with different groups of bikers. i weigh 180lbs and when i rode my cousin's honda 650r on sunday (we switch bikes back and forth) i didn't like it, never did, and still don't. it was a pig, it was heavy, and compaered to either my KTM 450 or my husaberg fe550e, we both agreed the honda was not the bike of choice for trails or mountain climbing in the mud where, the bike stalls frequently and, after a few hours, you want the lightest bike possible--and you're wishing you had either a 50cc or 125cc instead of a heavy bike underneath you. anyway, i'm not here to promote my bike or any bike--that's why i also mentioned the Aprilia and the husqvarna's as an alternative for someone who, weighing 135lbs, wants a supermoto bike. the honda is not a supermoto bike out of the box, which means, he will have to convert the honda into a supermoto, and, like i had to do with my ktm 450 exc--one will have to spend between $2000-$3000, depending on how much of a supermoto bike one wants. of course, you can always buy used parts here and there off ebay but, not everyone wants to take that route. i know i didn't. i wanted to convert my bike in 2 days so i ordered a supermoto kit that ktm sells for $2500, not including the tires or tubes--which came to another $400. so, right there, with shipping, was over $3000. anyway, if you want a supermoto right out of the box (with lights & signals & street legal), you only have a few choices--Aprilia, Husqvarna, ktm, husaberg, and suzuki. as i said, i bought the 2006 suzuki 400sm and felt it was way under-powered for my taste (Again, i did all of the modifications except getting a bigger carb.) so, that was out of the consideration in my reccomendation. the honda 650r i rode on several occassions, including this sunday, and it was way to heavy for trails, (I also owned a ktm 640 lc4 that was way too heavy to take on any trails as well--so i sold that one as well), so that left either the husaberg, aprilia, or husqvarna. i've never ridden the Aprilia or Husqvarna but, as i said, they come supermoto-ready right off the showroom floor, and since he is looking for a supermoto, and if he doesn't want to take the route of spending a lot of money converting a bike into a supermoto, and he weighs a 130lbs, my reccomendation stays the same: Husaberg FS550e or FS650E, or Husqvarna 510SM or 610SM, or Aprilia SVX550. this is only my humble opinion and i'm sure everyone has a different opinion. i know i love reading them. still, i love honda's (i currently own a CBR 954 RR Honda--I absolutely love it!!) but the Honda 650r, or any bike weighing 300lbs+ would not be my reccomendation for anyone weighing 130lbs, who wants to go on any tight trails, even occasionally. if you want the best of both worlds--Supermoto + occasional trail riding--purchase the lightest, fastest, yet highest Horsepower-to-weight-ratio (HP/Weight) bike your economy can afford (Aprilia, Husaberg, KTM, Husqvarna) and just change the ***.... oil and air filter every 200-300 miles (which you should be doing anyway, regardless how bullet-proof the engine is--and Honda's are bullet-proof) and be on your happy, wide-smile-grinning way!!
  12. frank12

    Dont want a 400..610?

    You weigh what? 130lbs? well, then, the answer is simple: Husaberg FS 550e or FS 650E. both bikes come supermoto out of the box, both have the highest weight to horsepower ratio in their class, both weigh identical 109kilos, both have hydraulic clutches, 6 speed wide ratio transmissions, both will easily cruise at 75-80 mph in 6th gear. nothing else comes even remotely close that's street legal (except Aprilia and Husaberg) to the weight of a Husaberg. no modifications are needed except maybe an adjustment on the carb that the dealer will do for free before you take it home. i'm sorry but, the honda--its a fantastic bike- but it weighs over 300lbs, it's a pig, i just rode my cousin's this week and its way, way too heavy for any tight trails or any tight stuff, period. the suzuki 400sm is the only other street legal bike out of the box-like the husaberg, but the suzuki also weighs around 300lbs and its way, way under-powered for my taste. i owned a 2006 model and did all the modifications--i.e full FMF exhaust, air box mod, jd power kit, etc, i was happy to get rid of it after 6 months. yes, the suzuki is dependable and very little mainteneance is needed but, hey, if you change the oil and air-filter regularly on any bike, they'll last nearly forever. other than the husaberg, maybe if i had the money, i would look into the Aprilia svx 550--also a supermoto out of the box--fuel injected, twin cylinder, 70HP out of the box. i also currently own a KTM 450exc, but i had to spend nearly $3000 to make it a supermoto. so if you don't want to go that route and you want lights already installed on the bike, and street legal, try either the Aprilia or Husaberg. i don't know anything about the Husqvarna's but, the 510SM Husqvarna is supposed to be pretty nice as well, and is also supermoto fitted out of the box--like the aprilia and husaberg, but the husqvarna 510sm weighs a little more than the Husaberg Fs550E despite having neraly identical CC sized engines. Oops, i should have mentioned Husqvarna 610sm also as an alternative that's supermoto fitted out of the box. you'll save a lot of money by buying a bike that's already a supermoto, i.e. Aprilia 550, Husaberg fs550e or fs650 e, or Husqvarna 510sm or 610sm--all meet this criteria. i had to learn the hard way. learn from my mistakes!
  13. frank12

    Brembo radial hand-break not working

    thanks tee-dub. i will call them tomorrow. i appreciate it!!!!!!!!!
  14. frank12

    Brembo radial hand-break not working

    Thanks, any idea where i can find this brembo seal-kit here in the USA?? not even KTM cycle Hut knows where to get one here in the U.S?
  15. Hi, i have a radial hand-break that comes all the way back, into the hand-grip. slowly, over the course of the last three months, it has lost it breaking ability. i bought this along with a KTM supermoto racer conversion kit last december from KTMcycle Hut . this didn't start happening until a couple of months ago. i call KTMcycle hut and, Cory--a nice kid--has been looking for a repair kit from Brembo but cannot seem to locate one. has anyone had this problem before or even heard of it?? after a long ride yesterday, going up and down mountains here in the dominican republic, i have no front brakes now. and no, its not air inside the break line. its got be some rubber-pump/seal within the radial hand-brake. yep, i need help!