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  1. I added a couple of washers to add a bit of pressure. Not sure if necessary but can't hurt. No problems on my FE350.
  2. jgbnm

    2013 FE501

    Ask the dealer? Whatever you do, please report back.
  3. jgbnm

    2013 FE 350 MSO

    That's great, I was looking at one of the KTM 350's, but the Husaberg looks like it might be a better option outside of there being no dealers in NM... Thanks.
  4. jgbnm

    2013 FE 350 MSO

    Anyone know what the MSO states on a new 2013 FE 350? Any restrictions noted? For example "off-road use only. Looking for a bike that can be relatively easily plated in NM (or possibly CO).
  5. jgbnm

    car suggestions?

    I had an 86 911 Carrera Targa for about 7 yrs. Sold it with 142k miles of which I put about 30k on. No real mechanical problems of significance. Maintenance is all pretty easy and repairs if needed are as well. Transmission was getting close to rebuild time but engine was still very strong with solid compression and leak down numbers. Very fun car. Lots of new cars have better performance but are not nearly as much fun.
  6. jgbnm

    Health Insurace

    Many colleges offer a health insurance program. Often affordable.
  7. Wow, that seems really low. I generally avg. 45-55 mpg and if I'm careful can pull 180 miles out of a tank.
  8. I'd do a search on ADVRider. Actually do a site search on google for ADVRider such as: site:www.advrider.com FI 8 flashes 690 And variations of that search. The direct search on the site doesn't allow 3 letter words.. it's probably throttle cable play - try to adjust again?
  9. I'd go with the 62s. I have the 60csx and am always having to move tracks back and forth b/w my computer and the gps. Having 200 tracks available would be a big help.
  10. jgbnm

    Five Miles of Hell Trail

    I did 5 MOH a couple of weekends ago. I wouldn't want to do it on my 690. More fun on something smaller.
  11. jgbnm

    690 Enduro tank bushing

    It's not that uncommon if you ride hard or carry a fair amount of luggage. I'm about to put in the KTM Twins bolt and delrin bushings for preventative reasons. No noticeable play yet. ADV Rider thread has tons of info.
  12. jgbnm

    drz cold feet, help me out

    Tons of info on the ADV Rider thread under "thumpers", but mostly for the enduro versions. Maintenance is much less than street legal KTM dirt bikes, but a lot more than a lot of street bikes. I've done a number of modifications to mine in the name of reliability but I ride it like a dirt bike. I have friends with 20k miles of essentially trouble free riding, but they are experts and keep their bikes in perfect shape. I think that if your intention is to use a dealer for oil changes and everything else, there are probably many better choices than a high performance thumper. It's a much better bike though.
  13. X2 HID is very very bright. The non HID version is better than stock but not very good. I cheaped out and bought unfortunately, so my friend, with the HID version has to be in the lead if it's really dark.
  14. jgbnm

    Whats a good weight loss goal?

    Minimize empty calories (sugar, sugar drinks, white flour, white rice, etc...). Minimize overly processed food. Eat as many veggies as you want (potatoes not included...). Eat a reasonable number of servings of fruit. Find something that's sustainable, so you can change your lifestyle forever instead of doing something you'll quit in a week or month. Make that your goal. Be happy with a slow and steady weight loss.
  15. jgbnm

    Question about concussions

    That's a lot... You need to be consulting a specialist and stop riding until you know more. You could really be causing permanent damage. There's quite a bit of evidence that shows that concussions can have significant long term effects. Varying degrees of mental impairment (memory, slower reactions, CTE, etc..) and perhaps more prone to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, etc...