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  1. Bugstain

    Baja Design skid plate problem

    Stainless also has undesireable stretch properties in high temp applications (like exhaust pipe to manifold or brake calipers)
  2. Bugstain

    Lube chain or not?

    At any auto parts store (or Wal-Mart). It's Gear oil for manual transmissions. Works great for chains, but application can be a bit messy.
  3. Bugstain

    battery and wiring

    Your battery problem may be a result of your wiring issues. Fix the wiring first, then re-evaluate the battery. I use a $20 NiCad battery designed for emergency lighting systems - It's the same size and capacity as the stock S/SM battery, but it is totally sealed, doesn't discharge when the bike sits unused, and isn't damaged by sitting for long periods of time unused. It required some work to adapt the stock terminals to the slip-fit terminals on the battery, but it was cheap, and it works fine. I bought mine from a local battery supplier, but you can find them on the web.
  4. Bugstain

    Oil blow-by?

    I think you might want to check your oil level.
  5. Bugstain

    thanks for the help

    Compression release?? Not on an S model.
  6. Bugstain

    I need a trick! (fcr install Q)

    LOL. I was having trouble when I installed my FCR and just used the spring tool that came with my Yosh. Looks very similar at the pointy end. I didnt know they made a tool like that!
  7. Bugstain

    what are these

    I'm sure there will be a high demand for those babies!
  8. Bugstain

    When will the DR-Z400 S/SM get updated

    The local dealer still has in-the-box 2006 SMs for sale. $5100 plus tax and title.
  9. Bugstain

    Looking for exhaust sleeve solution for 'S

    Try Home Depot. What you need is one of the "fabric" Plumbers heat shields that they sell in either the copper plumbing section or the tools section. These are "cloth like", about 1 foot square, and cost about $10. I'm not sure what they are made out of, but they can take 1800 degree plus blow torch exposure, and protect wooden studs from charring when you sweat copper plumbing in the walls. You could wrap it around the muffler and secure with pipe clamps or steel wire.
  10. Bugstain

    DRZ to be discontinued?

    Who is number one? The number of dual sports sold in the US so far this year was about the same as the number of sales that dirt bikes dropped (about 20,000, give or take a thousand). Total dirt bike sales outdid dual sports by 8:1. Manufacturers actually sell more scooters than dual sports. Although the number of dual sports sold increased 5% this year, it is still the smallest segment of the motorcycle market by far. So the incentive for Suzuki to upgrade the DRZ is not there. On the other hand, all the tooling is already in place to manufacture it, so as long as sales continue to increase there isn't any reason to discontinue it either. The kicker will be emissions. It may not be worth Suzuki's time or investment to upgrade the DRZ to fuel injection and/or catalytic converters. So when the standards get tight enough that the old Mikuni won't pass anymore, Suzuki may just quit.
  11. Bugstain

    I hate my new FCR MX!

    You probably mean the E cylinder base gasket, not the head gasket. The E version is thinner than the S base gasket, and this will raise the engine Compression Ratio to 12.2 : 1. This results in a slight HP increase, but may require running premium gasoline. In any event, I've been burned in the past by "reground" cams - so you might have a trustworthy mechanic check them out.
  12. Bugstain

    releasing pressure in your fork?

    Are you bleeding right after the ride? The forks are sealed, and there isn't any reason for air to get inside up. After a hard ride, the forks will heat up from friction - this will cause the air that is already in the fork to expand, and the pressure to increase slightly. If you let the forks cool completely, the pressure will return to normal. But if you bleed the forks when they are hot, you actually end up with a negative pressure in the forks when they cool down.
  13. Bugstain

    mrd exhaust report

    Stock pipe and header weighs 11 pounds and some change. Yosh Ti weighs about 7. Stainless will be slightly heavier, so real weight savings is "around" 4 pounds, plus or minus
  14. Bugstain

    I hate my new FCR MX!

    Who "reground" the cams, and what profile were they ground to?
  15. Bugstain

    I hate my new FCR MX!

    If I had to guess, I'd say the cams.