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    HI, new to the board

    Welcome to the board!! Oh by the way, Beezer is about as normal as a $3 bill!!!
  2. yznvegas

    What is the nature of your user name?

    I had a yz 426 when I named myself "yznvegas" and I live in Vegas.
  3. yznvegas

    girlfriend update (totally off topic)

    Thanks guys, yah, it sux I sold all that stuff I know but I whats done is done. I still have Glock 27 and a Ruger 10/22 and a Winchester 1300 defender 12 ga. so all is not lost. I bought myself a slick steel blue BMW 328I for myself after Nicole came back so I guess that makes up for some of the stuff I sold.
  4. yznvegas

    girlfriend update (totally off topic)

    Actionman, what size do you wear???
  5. yznvegas

    Funny Quote re: War from Chris Rock

    LOL, I LOVE CHRIS ROCK, HE IS A GENIUS>>> I have his cd in my changer right now in my car, I listen to him to get a laugh all the time.
  6. yznvegas


    Pwisz, wasn't picking on him at all. The thing is a local guy "Shawnmc" who has been to the track pointed out the fact that practice is not $15 and spectators are free, so why did he buy 2 tix? Then the $20 phone bill. Then the whole sob story about getting hurt and can't ride and all that stuff. Using his bonus to buy the bike. It just seems over the top to me. I believe he was there and something pissed him off about the track. I don't believe the whole story about him getting charged and then not being able to ride, sorry.
  7. yznvegas


    Shawn brings up a good point I think, the $$ figures don't jive. I'm not talking about the track charges but the $20 in phone bills, that seems excessive. Being that most long distance calling plan these days are generally no higher than 7 cents a minute (even for a crappy plan) you would have had to spend a lot of time talking to these people about this. By my calculations: 7 cents a minute, $20 phone bill would equal around 285 minutes on the phone or about 4.76 hours on the phone Lets say some of this time was on your cell, ok, they pretty much all have free long distance and free minutes. but lets say it's 15 cents a minute. that would be 133 minutes or almost 2 1/2 hours on the phone. HMMMM?????????? If you have a beef with Glen Helen why don't you tell us the whole story. Not a one sided story that has flaws in it???
  8. yznvegas


    I agree 100% with the fact the track is at fault here and there was obviously someone very incompetent working the gate. My question is if the track was closed, why were they paying someone to work the gate??? As far as just letting it go, yes I think that's what he should given the fact he lives a 2 day drive away from the track. If he lived with an hour or so, I'd say give em' hell.
  9. yznvegas

    OT - Power chip in your truck?

    Nomadak, you made a good point, the chip and air filter are great but if you don't free up the exhaust it's all for not. My Mustang GT I used to own had Borla exhaust and a KandN air filter and it made a big differnce in performance. I had a half ton Chevy I did the same thing too, noticable improvement. My 4x4 Tacoma also benifited from a Flowmaster and KandN airfilter. I also cut open the air box and made a home-made cold air induction. The set up works, it's proven on the street and on the dyno.
  10. yznvegas

    New to the Blue side

    Hey man, the best oil is a never ending debate and lots can be read on the search function. Good ole yamalube is great. Your oil filter should also be a Yamaha oem filter. Unless you want to spend $70 on a re-usable Scott filter, it's up to you.
  11. yznvegas

    OT - Power chip in your truck?

    1/2 ton trucks bridge the gap between v-6 powered compact trucks and 3/4 ton and 1 ton work horses. They are great for towing trailers up to 5,000 pounds or so and yes, you can load them up with normal household stuff. Say a run to nursery for sod or some shrubs. They work great, more spacious than a compact and better mileage than a big block 3/4 ton. As far as diesel goes, great if your going to use them for their intended purpose, hauling and working. Like a 5th wheel or something. It always cracks me up at the lake here when we're jetskiing because it seems like someone will always pull up with a monster diesel pulling a 1500 pound jet ski trailer. I always wonder if they thought they needed all that might for that little trailer????
  12. yznvegas

    Ricky and the interview (Results posted)

    Beezer wrote: "Vegas, lets see You are an expert on dirt bikes but you don't own one." I'm sorry Beezer, I guess when I sold my dirtbikes I forgot everything I learned in the last 10 years I've been riding. Oh ya, I guess by giving some basic advice on bikes makes me a proclaimed expert? Do you feel like you are a bonafide expert on the mechanical workings of a dirtbike being that you currently own one??? What about the political issues that arise from a major sponsor like Honda and a top rider like Ricky Carmichael? You commented on the subject so you must be an expert huh? "You are an expert on kids but you don't have any." So you think the crackhead moms in the ghetto are experts on kids and raising them? They usually have 4 or 5 them so they must be top notch parents right? "Still the same ol' Vegas, mouth going and going and going." You appear to have chosen the higher ground, I applaud you!!!! "I thought Jesus and the diet and all that other BS was supposed to help you?" I'm sorry you think that Jesus would be considered "BS". He is our lord and saviour and I don't feel that he should be labeled as "BS". Also adjusting one's diet for the better isn't "BS" either, I feel it was a good decision. "Your still a loud mouthed punk." I'm sorry you feel that way, maybe you can be my role model and show me how to be a kindler and gentler person. You appear to have a definate mastery of the subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated Beezer.
  13. yznvegas


    So there was no part of the track open? I find that hard to believe. If you drove 2 days to ride a track why didn't you call before you went to make sure the place was going to be 100% when you got there? Yah, it sux they didn't tell you about the main track being closed but you know what, it's $30, just forget it and move on. You really want to travel to San Bernardino county again to present your case in hopes of winning back your $30 plus $20 phone bill? I don't think it's worth it, just move on.
  14. yznvegas


    Yah, and I heard Jacques Chiraq actually grew a set of testicles today too. I also heard Larry King was going to start dating woman that are actually out of high school now too. Not only that but I heard Michael Jackson is selling "Never Never Land" and investing all of his money in "Lil' Jimmy's Secret". (a new provacitive outfitter for lil' boys) Oh yah, did you hear O.J. found the real killers on the 9th hole down in Florida today? Don't forget Darva Conger, she actually married that creepy wannabe millionaire guy today. I heard Donald Rumsfeld left Washington last night unexpectedly, next thing you know he popped up in Basra storming from house to house right along side the marines. (I love that guy) Wait, I almost forgot, RC said that he wanted to be every kids perfect role model. Next time he swears he has agreed to have his hands chopped off in a public exhibition put on by Honda. I hear there going to be passing out cool stickers and posters.