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  1. enduro4fun

    Fools Gold Flyer

    Actually it is a race, a race against the clock. You can't hold contests of speed on national Forest:p
  2. enduro4fun

    Fools Gold Flyer

    It's going to be a great race, get your entries in!
  3. enduro4fun

    I can't believe it! I was wrong!

    I was at the work day when we piled all those logs on the road. I had my doubts. After we got the logs down I rode that section about 20 times to burn in a trail. I still had my doubts. I went up a few months later and somebody picked up a bunch of the wood for firewood. I really had my doubts, but the trail has started to take shape!
  4. enduro4fun

    Lets Close Some Trails

    You know what's funny, I was just thinking the same thing. I was hiking in the Emigrant Wilderness and the trails where eroded and screwed up big time. Then I was at Point Lobos and the trail there where 10 time worse than any dirt bike trails I've seen. I was planning on getting some pics next trip out. Why Isn't anybody pushing to shut down those trails?
  5. enduro4fun

    Legal action against Forest Service

    Like you just said if it goes to court and the forest service loses ENF could get shutdown while the process is redone. At least if we are involved in the process we have a chance of preventing that from happening. There travel management plan is bullshit, but it's better than the greenies alternative.
  6. enduro4fun

    Legal action against Forest Service

    Just because there is a lawsuit is not necessarily a good thing. If the travel managemnet plan is taken to court because the process is proven to be flawed the Judge can Shut the whole forest system down to OHV untill another EIS is completed. That's why when challenges are made against the Travel management rulings they need to be well thought out and based on facts. Unfortantly not having enough trails is not a legal deffense in its self. Like olddude said it looks like these guys are far from an actual lawsuit.
  7. enduro4fun

    Double Dude GT Ride!

    I would get rid of those low quality Yamaha bolts and try to find some KTM caliper bolts to hold that thing back on:p
  8. Since everything else is closed all the quads ended up at GT. We rode on Sun and only saw a couple of people out on the trails, but closer to Mace mill it was a zoo. GT SUCKS. Nice work on the trail BigBob.
  9. enduro4fun

    Sf bay area legal victory at carnegie svra

    I know some people on here have a problem with BRC, but I don't understand why the attitude toward Don for trying to keep people up to date. I don't see any other pro OHV groups posting on Thumpertalk?
  10. enduro4fun

    3/20,21 Rock creek - Rides that don't suck Ride.

    John Ward is a good guy we did some trail work with him a couple of weeks ago.
  11. enduro4fun

    Clear Creek Public Meetings SANTA CLARA 1-20-10

    I'm going to try and make the Santa Clara meeting.
  12. enduro4fun

    Carnegie SVRA court hearing

    The news came from the head of the OHV division I was there and heard it myself. It will be at least 10 days from when the judge made the decision which I believe was Friday. They are working on an appeal so there is still some hope, no matter how small.
  13. enduro4fun

    Injury at Middle Creek?

    Sorry to hear that, I hope his recovery goes good. I could tell it was bad based on the time from when I saw the first ambulance and helicopter, till the helicopter left. It was at least a couple of hours. The bad thing is head on's don't need to happen if people would just slow down a bit and assume they will meet somebody on every corner.
  14. enduro4fun

    Injury at Middle Creek?

    Anybody know what happened on Friday after Thanksgiving at Middle Creek? We saw a couple of ambulances, a fire truck, a CHP, and two mediflight helo's. Didn't look good. BTW it was nice on Thanksgiving, but stuipd crowded on Friday. Some people need to learn to slow it down when a place is that crowded:bonk:
  15. enduro4fun

    Forest Service Withdraws 5-Year Permit

    Like it or not we need logging. As Sactoxr said alot of the trails at rockcreek are built on logging roads. And the loggers don't have it very easy, eviromental BS is the reason logging is almost dead in California. The comment about caring only about the event trails is funny.