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  1. SIERRA 13

    Lets see The Rm's

    My 2002
  2. SIERRA 13

    Help identifying this pic

    Yamaha gear, bone stock YZ and warning decals still on the fender...must be a Yamaha brochure.
  3. SIERRA 13

    Help identifying this pic

    I got a buddy who insists that this is him but I think that it's a magazine pic. Can anyone identify the source of this YZ pic?
  4. SIERRA 13

    How low can i go

    Wow, that's is an extreme upgrade. A JR50 to an RM65? It may seem like moving from 50cc to 65cc is minimal but the RM65 is a screaming, fast bike not for the beginner rider. They are powerful and require the use of a clutch. These bikes will haul you (Dad) around in a wheelie through all 6 gears. Seriously, I made the mistake of moving my kid from a PW80 to a KX60 and I scared the heck out of him. I lost his interest because the bike scared the crap out of him. ( I thought it was a blast to ride ) You would be much better served with a DRZ-110 or KLX-110 (same bike with different colored plastics). The DRZ110 was the best bike that my kids ever had. Easy to ride and it lasted them the longest through their growth spurts. Of course, I'm assuming alot here. I don't know your son's abilities or age so I may be out in left field on my opinion.
  5. SIERRA 13

    After wash maintenance

    Leaf blower! It blows water out of all the nooks and crannies including the chain.
  6. SIERRA 13

    Best degreaser?

    WD-40. Works great, it's safe and I think it smells awesome.
  7. SIERRA 13

    Who is this picture of?

    That footpeg is scaring the hell out of me. That's too close for comfort.
  8. I've been considering doing this too. Just a little bit of welding the reservoir to the frame and then swap the swingarm, rear wheel, and brake lever, right?
  9. SIERRA 13

    2 stroke hype!?

    Agreed! Love that sound:thumbsup:
  10. SIERRA 13


    If not, maybe 308 is available
  11. SIERRA 13

    86 yz250

    I wouldn't mind having one of those bikes but they one you have described wouldn't be worth more than $300 to me.
  12. SIERRA 13

    Biggest Pet Peeves?

    1-Parking lot racers. Yes, we're all impressed that you can wheelie your bike in the pits and parking lot. 2- Flat billed and sideways hats. It looks douchey and always has. 3- Riders who get to the track and fuel up their bikes. Have that done before you leave home. 4- Slow cars in the fast lane 5- Bratty teen riders who throw after-moto tantrums and don't lift a finger to help load/unload/maintain their over-accessorized bike. And the parents that enable them!
  13. SIERRA 13

    1986 cr 500 !!!! should i buy it ?

    That cannot be the price in US Dollars, right? It is a clean looking bike.
  14. SIERRA 13

    home made dirt bike stand

    I made mine out of spare 2X4's and reused old graphics to pretty it up.
  15. SIERRA 13

    How many own both 4t and 2t

    I got one of each.