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  1. on the left/clutch handle side of the cylinder is a round plug. remove it after the bike is warmed up. while the bike is running bring the rpm's up and see if the mechanism in there moves at about half throttle. it should rotate about a 1/4 turn. this is how you check the power valve for the exhaust. if it is not moving or sticking you need to pull the cylinder off and dis-assemble the powervalve so that you can de-gunk it. they get funky over time and some people are to lazy to service it when they do a topend. if this isn't the problem repost and we'll go from there. fear not, this is an easy engine to work on.
  2. davegod

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    installed a pro moto billet rack 15 minutes ago. wouldn't you know, it showed up saturday while i was out riding 340 miles of dirt and had to overload the old backpack again. filter, oil and front tire tomorrow.
  3. davegod

    How far & where did you ride today.

    ft bragg to stonyford, 160+ miles, mostly dirt. it was the return leg of the sheetiron ds ride. got 48mph and i'm geared pretty low.
  4. davegod

    drz400 wheel on a dr650

    119 views and no response. does anyone know?
  5. davegod

    drz400 wheel on a dr650

    will it bolt on without modification? just curious about the rear
  6. this guy should win. i withhold my entry to give him a better chance
  7. davegod

    front wheel interchangeability

    i was concerned with the speedo drive
  8. will the front wheel off a dirt only drz400 run the speedo on a drz400s?
  9. just bought a pair of kenda parker dual sport tires for my drz400. i've been using dunlop 606 and they wear pretty well but don't really care for the front in dry dirt. so i'm reading Dirt Rider and see these kendas in there and Jimmy Lewis says they are his fave. so my question is concerning wear vs performance. the tires look super aggressive and i'll trade life for handling. has anyone here tried these and what do you think of them. oh, i should mention these tires are very well priced compared to dunlop and the rest. $120 for the pair delivered to my house.
  10. davegod

    money no object trailbike?

    how come nobody has mentioned the beta 400rr or rs? i rode one and loved it compared to my other bikes if i could only have one
  11. davegod

    How do you fit the larger Turntech in?

    what is a turntech? why does it go in the battery box. i have a drz and i'm not sure what you're talking about
  12. davegod

    Keep tearing front tube valve stems.. Why?

    i like the motion pro lite locks. my drz came without a rimlock so i bought a set of these for the bike. since dunlop 606's are such stiff sidewall DOT tires i need to run them low on pressure, say 8-10 psi, to get any grip up front in the dirt. these locks do an excellent job of stopping the tire from rotating even on the pavement. they let the tire creep just a smidge on the first ride then it's like it's glue to the rim. the valve stem will be cocked just a hair but never moves again. i do powder the tube and only run heavy duty tubes. also don't run the nut down tight against the rim on the valve stem. hondas come with a cool rubber grommet thingie that goes over the valve stem and pretty much seals water out. rocky mtn atv now sells these thing under their tusk label and i use them with good results. lastly, i can't imagine that bike doesn't have a hole in the rim for a lock already. at some point somebody left the lock out cuz it made tire changing easier or some other dumb reason. good luck:thumbsup:
  13. davegod

    Leaking gear lever??

    if it is just weeping no big deal. if developing drips change it. remove the shifter pull the old seal out use a deep well socket to knock the new one in. a little grease on the shaft and outside edge of the seal will help. 30 minute job
  14. davegod


    besides guys, it's speacial. didn't you read the arctiles? and it was built in a yamaha factory!
  15. davegod


    is it still available? that could be worth a lotta money someday. i'll call my bank in nigeria and have the funds transfered as soon as he sends me the title:banana: