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  1. CRF450-RIDER

    how is palmdale riding

    Tye hames is one of my good friends, we ride together all the time. The land I own is in Littlerock.
  2. CRF450-RIDER

    Mike Alessi Beefed out?????

    Mike Alessi was dating my friends older sister, for about a year or so.
  3. CRF450-RIDER

    how is palmdale riding

    i live in littlerock. thousands of acres of riding.! n i own 185 of them
  4. CRF450-RIDER

    cant make up my mind on pegs

    fastway pegs all the way.. wear a size 12 boot.. love em
  5. CRF450-RIDER

    New eves neck brace

    Leatt made a new braces its the adventure, its only 199.99 and will be out soon
  6. CRF450-RIDER

    Monster scrub (funny)

    there you go!
  7. CRF450-RIDER

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    j law is a ba
  8. CRF450-RIDER

    race today

    theres fast beginners in so cal. what track is that at??
  9. CRF450-RIDER

    199 lives

    Wow, just got home from seeing this.. Best moto movie by far
  10. I have a 97 F250 ex.. it was the only year ford made the 250 in the 150 body style. gets about 100miles to the tank. it had 146 on it when i bought it.. i spent 54,00
  11. CRF450-RIDER

    Best pants for use with knee braces?

    Axo. I wear Axo pants with my Pod Mx braces, tons of room!
  12. CRF450-RIDER

    we have some real badasses right here

    that has to be thee most dumbest thing i have ever seen. but it was funny. but they need to get some lifes..
  13. CRF450-RIDER

    Updated pics of my 08 110

    he plans on launching it off a cliff haha.
  14. CRF450-RIDER

    WOOT. i got it!!

    yeah there made by lightspeed use hightemp double sided tape