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  1. johnnyjeep

    YZ80 bogs down

    Thought about that, think float is good, but the bike ran fine at putt around speed, ran fine going through gears opened for as long as you want, but when you slow down even a little bit, the bogging happens. What is the correct float height?
  2. johnnyjeep

    YZ80 bogs down

    I tire the carb apart and cleaned it again. Didn't seem to have any clogs. Test ride was good. Maybe it was clogged, maybe an air leak, who knows, but it seems to be working now.
  3. johnnyjeep

    YZ80 bogs down

    Please help me. 01 yz80, been running good. Today, get out to desert, it putts around fine, but when it's opened up, still screaming, but as soon as throttle is let up, it bogs and mostly dies. Get it running again, and same thing. No work has been done to it since it did run fine, last weekend. Jets clogged? Float off? Thank you.
  4. Have 86RM125 that runs good, especially for its age. However, there is lots of oil coming out of the exhaust. Running 50:1, so I know it's not too much oil, so guessing the jetting. How do I go about diagnosing the problem?
  5. johnnyjeep

    New Plated WR450

    All that sounds good, but Evey thing breaks. Hell, even my plate mount vibrated in two, fixed the mount, then the plate itself vibrated off!
  6. johnnyjeep

    New Plated WR450

    I have an 06WR450 plated, bought it new and had it plated before the D/S kit was on it. If you are going to ride the streets much, be careful in the dirt, everything breaks off!
  7. johnnyjeep

    Have any of you had this happen on a WR450?

    I kind of had this happen on my 06, but i found the oil on my left boot. Problem? that stupid plastic oil fill plug broke. I reccomend on any year changing the plastic cap to a metal one.
  8. johnnyjeep

    What did you do to your WR today?

    My parts order is missing parts so its just collecting dust in the garage
  9. johnnyjeep

    Proud Mommy Moment!

    I think we need some pics...
  10. johnnyjeep

    2000 RM250 Rebuild thread

    Excelent write up. Stumbled upon this today, starting on my 00 actually last night.
  11. johnnyjeep

    00RM250 kicker jammed

    thanks. The motor moves, but before this it needed the top end done, low compression. Broken skirt makes sense in a way, happened to my CR500 (bought it that way). what makes this a little different is i took the case cover off and took the clutch apart and turned both sides and they both moved fine. Now im thinking because the bike was laying on its side, the skirt might have been out of the way. but after putting it back together, it kicked about 7 times before it jammed. Looks like the top end is comming off.
  12. johnnyjeep

    Suzuki 2 Stroke FAQ

    Anyone have a link for a 2000 RM250 manual?
  13. johnnyjeep

    00RM250 kicker jammed

    00 RM250. The kick starter is stuck. It jammed almost to the end of the stroke. When I let up on it, I heard the ratcheting sound about 3 clicks, and tried to kick down. It was stuck there. Let up on the kicker, and now it is stuck on the top of the stroke. Any ideas as to what it could be?
  14. johnnyjeep

    which silencer should I get

    with all the land closures and regulations comming and with the fact they arent making your bike anymore, I would suggest something with a spark arrestor. get while you still can. If you dont, you will always be limited to the track or your back yard
  15. johnnyjeep

    What did you do to your WR today?

    changed fork seals and oil. put new handle bars on, cleaned the air filter.