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  1. carl_kxf250

    FIRST LOOK: 2014 YZ450F !

    Yes I must be as that don't make any sense at all. Keyboard warrior
  2. carl_kxf250

    FIRST LOOK: 2014 YZ450F !

    Wounder if the air box is where the old fuel cap was? So you take off the cover (where old fuel cap was) then the filter is under there. Then fuel tank is a lot lower. Just a thought . I'm loving the bike now I seem more pictures.
  3. carl_kxf250

    FIRST LOOK: 2014 YZ450F !

    I take my word back. From that picture it does look a new bike. Very nice
  4. carl_kxf250

    FIRST LOOK: 2014 YZ450F !

    Dont know what you mean by that
  5. carl_kxf250

    FIRST LOOK: 2014 YZ450F !

    Hope it is all sorted, but personally I think they need to make the bike look completely different to make people want them. People need to see big changes not small changes that are not realy noticeable to the eye.
  6. carl_kxf250

    Noob moment, forgot to set TDC...

    Ye just turn the flywheel to tdc , then install the cams as normal. When turning the flywheel around lift the cam chain up so it has abit of tension on the cog , just so it won't jump off the teeth.
  7. carl_kxf250

    Crank removal without special tool

    You putting a new crank in ? If so tap it out, mine come out easy
  8. carl_kxf250

    which piston?

    I have heard of people using 08 piston in the 07 but when I went to do this my yam dealer told me not to. If I remember right he said it is a fraction taller so I never did it. But when I mentioned that on here people disagreed with me so I don't know what to believe
  9. carl_kxf250

    07 250f wont start after rebuild

    I had the same problem when I redone my crank, mine took for ever to start a good 15 mins of kicking it, then it would start then stop start for longer then stop until it just started and ticked over fine. If everything looks fine just keep kicking . You have lined up the crank cog with the crank balancer cog correct? Where the 2 dots line up together?
  10. Hello I stripped the motor to double check everything was correct then rebuilt it again, and after some kicks the bike fired up and it's all running good now , I think I was just panacking to much being my first crank rebuild, so thanks for all your help. Carl
  11. carl_kxf250

    07 250f lower rod bearing failure?

    My big end just seized on my 07. I stripped it all down and the rod was solid then I got the crank out and it ended up freeing itself but when I rotate the rod on the crank I can feel its locks sometimes on the rotation, so yours might be doing the same , the bearing is breaking down so it's locking then unlocking.
  12. Hello my bike is a 2007 so will be on the cam , it looks like its working ,I have striped the engine and everything looks fine, nothing has hit the piston so it can't of locked up , it might be as you say under pressure As when I did try and kick the bike it went pop , like a back fire. After i got it started the oil in the oil glass was filling up alot faster than it did before. Any more thoughts? Thanks Carl
  13. Thank you , got the bike started, something is not right somewhere, it started then cut out and kick start was stiff, sat down all puzzled then tryed kick start again and it was free, I realy don't know what's wrong but I will strip the engine again as something is not correct.
  14. It says in the manual that its .1.30 litres from a dry engine I have put about 140 in the bike now and the site glass is full then I kick it and it goes Down then half way even when the bike has been sitting. Is this possible that the oil can be being sucked into a area it shouldn't be? Yes checked the plug and there's a spark, there's fuel in the tank , timing is perfect, as this is my first time for crank install, there's not a possibility I have installed the crank wrong is there, I lined up all the dots on the cogs from the crank balancer ect so I cant see how I could of done anything wrong, plus I have done piston change before so from crank up I know I have done it correct. Many thanks
  15. Hello all just put new crank new piston , rings , cam chain in my bike , I can not get the bike started, timing is spot on, but what I have noticed is the oil screen is full then I keep kicking it then notice the bike is eating oil, at first I thought ye dry engine I will top it up, I have now topped it up 3 times, so I'm sure something isn't right, what do you think it can be? I have rebuild the engine before but this is the first time I have done a crank rebuild? Thanks Carl