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  1. Dirt Addict

    Best 4CS re-valve at home

    Re the 2016 4cs forks, I have a '16 150. I had a 14 350sx. I know there are many differences, but between the 2, I much prefer the 16's. The action seems more responsive and smoother. They don't bottom even though I weigh more than the recommended range. And the chatter is less than the 14.
  2. Dirt Addict

    What did Roczen do wrong?

    Yeah, if u ever come ride down south, hit me up . I'm always trying to improve, even at my age...
  3. Dirt Addict

    What did Roczen do wrong?

    GonedirtbikeN what part of cali are you in? I may have asked before but I've taken a few hits...
  4. Get an outside room on the 1st floor and wheel it in. I hate thieves. Draw a chalk outline of a body next to you vehicle. Lol.
  5. Dirt Addict

    Stiff clutch help? Softer springs?

    There is a hydraulic clutch set up made by Magura. That will be about as smooth as it gets...
  6. Dirt Addict

    Track riding

    Lacr Sunday!
  7. Dirt Addict

    Track riding

    Very cool! Your buddy was tearing it up...
  8. Dirt Addict

    options on swaping a 07 crf450r for a 2003 kx250

    I have an 05, and really disagree with MXA's review. The bike is super stable at high speeds, over rocks and rough terrain. I give it a little more lean in corners and it responds well. And it feels very stable thru the turns. It tracks in ruts well. I just did a gp at glen helen over a wide variety of terrain - the moto track, sand washes, rocky sand washes, pavement, the R.E.M. Track, the truck track, and high speed rocky hard pack. I've had a lot of bikes, and the kx handled as well as any bike I've had. I'm really impressed with it. It does have 2014 Showa kxf triple clamps and forks, and the Oem shock has been revalved, but even before the mods it was a solid bike. I say go for it! Get it set up to suit you and you will be glad you made the trade...
  9. Dirt Addict

    MX Training

    Have you considered a row machine? They work a lot more "moto" oriented muscle groups. Like mini torture machine....
  10. Dirt Addict

    Frame wear kx250

    After riding it, wash off any mud, which would hold moisture against the metal. Then hit all the metal with a light spray of WD 40. It lubricates, displaces moisture and protects the metal from corrosion.
  11. Dirt Addict

    FirePoliceMX X-Mas GP @ Glen Helen 12/6

    That rider may hav been in the wrong class..lol. They used that layout, the R.E.M. Track, the truck track, all the sand washes and the concrete pipes from DITD. It was a fun course. Mch I got stuck at the tail end of the pile up coming down the hill. I couldn't stop and plowed in to a bike, went off the track and stalled. I lost close to a minute on the pack but worked my way to mid pack. It was fun and lots of riders to battle with...
  12. Dirt Addict

    FirePoliceMX X-Mas GP @ Glen Helen 12/6

    Mch, did you do the 1st or 2nd race? Towards the end of the 1st race the track was tacking up nicely. I imagine the 2nd race it was really good....
  13. Hunter, the kung fu answer is, whether you are floating in 5' of water or 50', does it matter? It sounds like you have the basics down. Body position at take off is key. I think of it as an aggressive / neutral position. It also seems to me that if I put a little "English" into the bike at take off, I have more control than if I just ride it .... if that makes sense? Take your time. Experience comes slowly, but will keep you safe...
  14. Dirt Addict

    FirePoliceMX X-Mas GP @ Glen Helen 12/6

    No GoPro. With the cool weather, overcast skies and moist soil, someone felt it necessary to have Mx portion heavily watered just before the race. I came in from the sight lap with me and the bike covered in mud. I figured it would have been a waste of time. Too bad, cuz I charged it up and had it ready. That's what happens when firemen run a race....lol.
  15. Dirt Addict

    FirePoliceMX X-Mas GP @ Glen Helen 12/6

    What a good day! Perfect GP weather. No wind. Track was actually groomed! The course was fast and fun. Turn out was decent. And best of all I had a good group to hang out with. The racing was intense...!