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  1. Hi, all. DRZ-400S rider from Kodiak, AK here. I'll have a week to burn next week and just purchased ferry tickets to/from Homer so I can do a solo trip on the mainland. I know it's a little late in the season, but does anyone have any suggestions for places I can go? Some places I've looked at: East End Road (Homer), Crown Point Mine Trail (Kenai Peninsula), Hatcher Pass, McCarthy/Kennicott Mine, Chicken, Denali Hwy, etc. I know it's a little late in the season, so some of these areas may not work (McCarthy/Kennicott comes to mind). It will be my first time riding a motorcycle on mainland Alaska since 1999-2000. Any suggestions/advice are greatly appreciated!
  2. Here's a shot I took of me on my '06 Suzuki DRZ-400S last night.
  3. AKJeeper

    My new DRZ400S is lurching ?????

    I purchased my '06 S new back in June, and I've noticed this very same problem when just cruising at constant low speeds like 25-35. Downshifting doesn't fix the problem (dealer claimed I was lugging it). I've tried 87 and 91 octane...no difference. Also, the surging is worse on warm or hot days. Not really too noticable on cold days (50* and colder). The bike has about 900 miles on it now, with no change in the surging. Any suggestions?
  4. AKJeeper

    MPG results?

    I've got an '06 with 15/47 sprockets, and it gets a consistent 58mpg. I got in the low 60's with everything stock (15/44)... Kinda curious to run 14/47 for more off-road grunt, but my bike is starting to get buzzy for my work commute at 15/47...