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  1. kenrock1000

    FS: Full Muzzy Exhaust

    Wow, only $300 for a Yosh system? Man, this is really discouraging. Oh well, I needed the money, but hell, for that low of a price, Im putting the exhaust back on...it sounds great anyway =) The bike will be up for sale soon =/
  2. kenrock1000

    FS: Full Muzzy Exhaust

    Thanks a lot for the insight guys. Ive been out of the mod world for a while. I have not heard of the mrd or ssw you guys speak of. That is really sh*tty since the fact is I bought the system for $450, which was still a good price since the Yosh was around $700. Funny thing is, this is the listing off Muzzy I just looked up: *1017-00092 2005-2008 DRZ-400S/SM Duel Sport/Super Motard Stainless Exhaust System W/Oval Titanium Canister 679.95 Details *1017-00093 2005-2008 DRZ-400S/SM Dual Sport/Super Motard Titanium Exhaust System W/Oval Titanium Canister 789.95 Details WOW, talk about depreciation. So since mine is used...Im only looking at $225ish as a reasonable listing price? Shoot, for that, I may just keep it. Seems the MRD setups are going for $459? Again, I just assumed it was a good price...thanks for all the input.
  3. kenrock1000

    FS: Full Muzzy Exhaust

    I see the stainless system with a Ti can going for $575 all over...I paid $450 for this...Im not trying to ream anyone...am I missing something?
  4. kenrock1000

    FS: Full Muzzy Exhaust

    For some reason, the classifieds wont show up on my end. An Admin can relocate this if need be. Full stainless Muzzy exhaust that came off my 06 drz400SM Only about 5000 miles on it. Sounds great, no dings or dents. $400 PIC: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b195/Kenrock1000/MuzzyExhaust.jpg
  5. kenrock1000

    Suggestions for first Supermotard?

    I agree with most everyone here! 1)DRZ = one of the best beginner bikes. 2)Husky's = killer bikes...but a little more maintenance than the DRZ, but DEF an upgrade Also, I dont know if this was recommemded yet...but talk to Yana Banana on BARF...she is about your dimensions and made hers to where she can be flat footed. Slicing the seat and dogbone replacements are the most common and simple. Good luck!!!
  6. kenrock1000

    Killing the fuel

    just looked at Eddies sticky...I havent logged in in a while...thats a NICE page. Even my how to is in there!!! Thanks again Eddie!
  7. kenrock1000

    Killing the fuel

    So as well all know...gas is SHITTY nowadays...and its getting to be winter like around here and ride time is declining...I rode the other day and decided to "put her up for the year". I vise gripped the fuel line from the tank and ran her out of gas. Do ya'll think this will solve the problem of clogged jets and such? I figure the petcock is gonna happen anyway....
  8. kenrock1000

    Help in the Whoops

    It is as much as the rider as it is the bike. The ideal form on your bike while going over whoops should be a bit towards the back of the bike (butt at the end of the seat) and keep your butt a few inches OFF the seat. NEVER SIT. The rest is rider experience...how the bike reacts to throttle and so on...you want to wheelie over most whoops and let the rear tire hit the whoops only...have fun!
  9. kenrock1000

    graphic choices

    XGX is pricy...BUT you get what you pay for...I love my XGX setup. You can get any design on their site, in any color. If you draw something up and send it to them...they can elaborate a bit and get something made for you...good company!
  10. kenrock1000


    look up MCCT in search...the general consensus is that its best to do it ASAP. It it the cheapest out of the mods you wanna do...so do it.
  11. kenrock1000

    Decal kits for 400SM?

    Ive got a black one...but I saw a yellow one on the road the other day...not too bad, but it was stock....definitly get some nice graphics on it!! I went to XGXracing.com A bit pricy but you get what you pay for....and also...remember that the stock graphics are clear coated...you are not going to be able to pull them off short of a bead-blaster. Just apply over the stock ones. Oh, heres mine http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b195/Kenrock1000/TheFinalOne.jpg
  12. kenrock1000

    synthetic oils

    Cool thanks guys...I know its been a pounded debt...I just couldnt search for it (search is down) and I knew everyone would be watching! Lol...thanks again!
  13. kenrock1000

    Smog Cannister Removal (How to)

    Nada prob!
  14. kenrock1000

    synthetic oils

    I know I know its been covered...but the search function has been down all day. Anyway, I jsut turned 2k miles on my 06 SM. Ive used Castrol Full synthetic since first oil change. I know its not recommended but Ive used car oil in my other 4 strokes and have never had a prob...but this bike is a little more of an expensive payment. I want to switch to motorcycle type (to preserve the clutch pack). So can I switch and be okay or am I in it for the long haul?