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    Orange v's Blue

    Put 2 years on my 400 and a kazilion miles, reliability was fantastic, compared to yamahas I ride with. Yes you do check the valves 2-3- times a season, but no big deal, takes about an hour.Now have 450 with 120 hrs on it, reset valves every 10 or so hours for the first while then checked them occasionally after that, no changes. KTM SUPER easy to work on, no linkage servicing, light, nimble handling. Sorry but no comparison.
  2. Thumper_Darryl

    why are ktms so heavy?

    Both bikes were new out of the crate ready to, go but no gas. I hear some models vary from country to country, depending on mufflers. lights etc. these are canadian models.US ones may have different mufflers.Not sure. But I know riding a friends new Yam 450 it is so top heavy it feels like a hundred pounds more, but for the desert the Yam would be great.
  3. Thumper_Darryl

    Alberta Riders

    Southern Alberta riders-Land access negotiations for Dirt bikes with Forestry are now handled by reps. from the Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Assn. at www.aohva.com Please pass the word.
  4. Thumper_Darryl

    Alberta Riders

    Attn. Southern Alberta riders- Land use issues and access talks with Forestry for dirt bikers are now handled by the Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Ass. at www.aohva.com Please pass the word.
  5. Thumper_Darryl

    why are ktms so heavy?

    Without using numbers, same day,same place, using certified scale,in a showroom,ready to sell,no gas 2004 KTM 450exc was exactly 18 lbs lighter than 2004 Yam 450wr.
  6. Thumper_Darryl

    Trick Bits?

    Do not put on a clutch slave cylander protector. Have seen one and heard of another where chain broke, piled up against guard. Since guard is very strong, and solidly mounted to engine, tore big-ass chunk out of case. I would much rather purchase a new slave cyl. than a new set of cases. And in both cases still had to replace slave. $$$$$$$$$
  7. Thumper_Darryl

    Alberta & BC riders

    It may get worse. Noise complaints have sky-rocketed in McClean Creek the last 2 years, so forestry is doing 2 things. 1_ creating a designated trail system , and 2- considering severly limiting motorcycle access. Thanks to all the a**-holes and their noisy exhaust systems.Once the GAMP plan is out evertone needs to bombard their MLAs with letters. I will keep you posted.
  8. Thumper_Darryl

    Alberta & BC riders

    Sorry brain fart... www.praxis.ca/gw/gw2b.php
  9. Thumper_Darryl

    Alberta & BC riders

    link is www.praxis.ca/gw/gw2b.php
  10. Thumper_Darryl

    Alberta & BC riders

    Anybody who rides in Alberta or BC please go to land use forum NOW
  11. Thumper_Darryl

    true weight

    As soon as the rest of the 04s come in I will take my trusty scale and weigh all the new bikes -Honda, KTM, & Yamaha. We did this 2 years ago and the results were quite interesting. There is some serious b.s from some of the makes. I don't care what the makers argue, same scale,same day, all bikes ready to go, no gas. A honest comparison.
  12. Thumper_Darryl

    More pics for you Trail Riders...

    Where do I signup.. That is a lot like the type of riding we do around here (Alberta) except for your awsome scenery. I am jealous. KTM 200 with 13 oz flywheel weight the answer for that stuff.
  13. Thumper_Darryl

    OT: Taking a camera on a ride.

    I have been carying cameras on my chest protector for about 10 years. I have refined it to where I use a fairly stout camera case with 2 latches , so I can take it on or off as I need. I now carry a fairly $$ digital camera with no worries.Securly mounted on the front of my chest protector has not ever resulted in a damaged camera, rain, snow, dust, or major crashes. I now add a cam-corder for the helmet cam to a fanny pack in front of me with no problems.
  14. Thumper_Darryl

    Alberta Riders

    OK EVERYBODY The questionaire is out that you or ANYBODY you know can fill out. It is at www.praxis.ca/gw/gwsurvey.pdf
  15. Thumper_Darryl

    Alberta Riders

    Well we are getting to the crunch. The Ghost Access managment plan will take place in Feb. The ENTIRE riding area north-west of Calgary is under close scruteny.Severe environmental damage mostly by 4x4s and now quads WILL seriously impact our access to our riding areas. ACT NOW or LOOSE IT. There will be public info sessions in Feb, fill out the questionnaire, send it in and write the MLAs NOW.Address are available at [url=http://www.gov.ab.ca/home/ministries/Ministry_listing_Sept2002.pdf Don't blame anybody but yourself if you have to sell your bike.