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  1. muddy udders

    Backyard Trials Obstacles

    Here is my first section. Crossing a gully around a tree and back. I'm a beginner.
  2. muddy udders

    Backyard Trials Obstacles

    I just did a Ryan Young 2 day class and would highly recommend him. Took the class through MITA Missouri Illinois Trials Assoc. If you call rypusa they could give you the next scheduled classes. You might be able to get into one.
  3. muddy udders

    Cleaning air filters

    Brother I live in the land of fruits and nuts but I can ride all year. I did too but eventually escaped. To digress aviation gas evaporates cleanly no stink no residues
  4. muddy udders

    Cleaning air filters

    Missouri! I found Missouri to be a suitable substitute. And I use AV gas
  5. muddy udders

    Rotary engine spark plugs in a 2S - anyone?

    Yep, my experience was from the early 80's I ran Bel Ray mc1+ and would foul one plug a ride at 50:1. Didn't know about jetting back then so I learned how to clean fouled plugs.
  6. muddy udders

    Rotary engine spark plugs in a 2S - anyone?

    On a side note I have found that a soaking in Colman white gas and a wire brush will clean sparkplugs well.
  7. muddy udders

    New to Missouri

    Thanks for the info. I have been trying to make it to a MTRA weekend just hasnt come together yet.
  8. muddy udders

    missouri New to Missouri

    I have recently moved from California to St Louis area of Missouri and am looking for people to ride with. My background; Getting back into riding after a layoff of a few years. I cut my teeth in the 80's on the single track in Foresthills Ca and have ridden most of the OHV areas from Central Ca. North. I have raced MX, enduros, and arena cross, plus road racing 250 production class but still had my day job. What I am looking for is people to ride trails with and the occasional MX days. I live near ROMPmx so I have been riding there mostly and have been to St. Joe a few times. I am semi retired and work from home so my schedule is flexible and weekday rides are always good. Like I said I am getting back into riding shape so I will be a bit slow but not beginner slow. I jump the doubles at romp but not the tables may be too old for those nowadays. My wife rides also but is beginner pace so family rides are welcome too. What do you say? Robert
  9. muddy udders

    Sat 11/8 - Foresthill

    How many miles in the loop? Looks like high 40's? Trying to see if my 2 stroke will make it all the way or if I gotta top off when we come back through. Thanks, Muddy
  10. muddy udders

    Sunday Ride Santa Rosa 9am (pavement)

    Sorry for the late notice. Info here http://www.northbaysportriders.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4022
  11. muddy udders

    vote for me!!!

    Done deal. Good luck.
  12. muddy udders

    Corbin seat is the BOMB!!

    I love mine and cant wait to do a long trip. I had corbin add one inch to the low front section and put the black gripper top with asphault sides like this one http://www.corbin.com/honda/crf450r.shtml I will take some pics tomorrow. I am 5'9" and can touch the ground much better than with stock seat even with the inch added. The seat has only been ridden 300 miles and I am sure it will get more comfortable with time.
  13. muddy udders

    mod kill switch into a headlight switch?

    Check your local laws, I believe here in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia it may be illegal to have a taillight blackout switch. Something to due with evading law enforcement officers easier at night. I may be mistaken though.
  14. muddy udders

    Looking for someone that has Nitric Acid

    Hey glad to hear it worked out. There is a kit called tap-out I believe which I have used in my machining career that comes with acid, neutralizer and some clay to build a dam around the hole. You should mix up soms baking soda and wash out the hole to make sure all the acid is done or else you may lose your screw next.
  15. muddy udders

    KTM Wheel Fitment

    Any dimensions to go with the spacers??