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  1. squatpuke

    Tire Wear/life

    . . SO I have 1800 miles (probably 60rd/40trail) on my XRL07. The stock rear tire seems to be wearing quite a bit...is this about right for mileage? Still have knobs, but not sure I'd wanna go off road on any hardpack. Should I not worry about the off-road riding and just keep wearing the crap outta it on the highway? How many miles can I expect from a good after-mkt tire? Secondly, seems like a pretty tough job dealing with the rim/tire if you do it yourself...was wondering how many here change their own tires, or take it to the shop (quicker/easier). When you buy the tire from the shop, do they typically charge MORE for installation?
  2. squatpuke

    Huge Oil....

    . . Maybe I miscounted. After my change (oil/filter)...I put in rec. 2 quarts....started my L and rode about 2 miles... I checked the dip and it was bone dry....I thought that was odd... Waited a week, started...warmed up, checked....bone dry....added another 1/2 quart...barely registered at bottom.... Added another 1/2 quart and now shows full.... Could this be at ALL possible?
  3. . . So did I do something wrong here... I changed the oil (and filter) in my 07 650 L....I only put 1.5 quarts in as during the previous oil change it overflowed towards the end of the 2nd quart. So a few days later, with the bike cold...I checked the dipstick...oil didn't even register on the dipstick...thought it was rather odd....but added the last .5 quart anyway. Put dipstick back in. then checked, (still cold bike)...STILL didn't register on the dipstick. I guess I should start the bike, let it warm up and then check? Or should I just fill till it registers full on the dipstick with the bike cold. (btw...changed oil filter also) What's going on? Thanks for your replies....
  4. squatpuke

    UPDATED: Blown Oil Cover

    . . A few weeks ago I posted about my L blowing the oil filter cover off... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=769889 Today, I changed oil, cleaned air filter and charged battery.... Started up pretty normal....glad to say. Seems to run good...good compression out of the exhaust.... I noticed that when I drained all the oil...it was pretty nasty. The bike only has 1800 miles...I changed oil at 100 miles, then 500 then 1000.....so the oil had about 800 miles on it but was almost sick looking... Is it possible that installed the oil filter incorrectly and the oil in the engine never got filtered? Then perhaps something sludged up over the winter's sitting, then blew off the cover for the oil filter? How often should you change oil? oil filter? The gas in the tank is 6 months old...'bout half a tank...should I drain all, and just put in fresh, or can I top it out with fresh and be ok? Thanks again....
  5. squatpuke

    WHAT HAPPENED??? I'm Sad...

    I'm new with torque wrenches and yes...I did use one...but it was really light...can't remember the spec off the top of my head...like 9lbs. However, I was using a cheap, harbor frieght torque-wrench...hehe. Probably better off just doing it by hand. Anyway....I'll do my best to post up some pics as soon as I can...I have all the pieces. Thanks for everyone's interest.
  6. squatpuke

    WHAT HAPPENED??? I'm Sad...

    I hope so...thanks for everyone's reply. I have replacement bolts on order...I'll post back after she's put back and riden!!!
  7. squatpuke

    WHAT HAPPENED??? I'm Sad...

    . . Interesting....I suppose I may have put the filter/or spring in wrong; however, I did ride fine for several weeks prior to the winter hiatus..... Just called the honda shop here in town...they recommended a "compression test"....he said an hour....$80 bucks. Thoughts?
  8. squatpuke

    WHAT HAPPENED??? I'm Sad...

    It was pretty warm out yesterday...I say 60's. The oil was Honda GN4 - 10w40...had a couple of hundred miles on it. Finally, I don't think I rev'ed it at all...maybe a tad at most...kinda just started up....I did hear a very small ca-chug...like it cranked over for a second...then battery died again. It was only running for about 5-10 seconds before we noticed the massive oil leak and shut her down....engine sounded like it normally did after starting, so I'm praying there is no engine damage. I didn't hurt anything by leaving the battery tender attached as I tried to start, did I? I wouldn't think so....
  9. squatpuke

    WHAT HAPPENED??? I'm Sad...

    I think I may have left it on.... If I remember....I think I saw it on and said..."Wow that was dumb...." Cause I've heard you should let it burn outta the carb before you store, and I didn't even to that....to be truthful, I didn't think my last ride of 08 was that last time I rode....we just got cold, bad weather and I just quit riding... How would gas get into the oil if I left it on? Do think I'm ok just replacing the bolts, oil and filter?
  10. squatpuke

    WHAT HAPPENED??? I'm Sad...

    . . So my 07 650L sat in the garage all winter... I did take the battery out and trickle charged.... Tried to start and it was VERY, VERY hard to start...usually starts right up, no problems....tried for like 10 minutes, drained the battery trying to start. Keep the battery tender hooked up....tried to start every five minutes or so... Finally...got a tiny little KACHOO......but it was small....then the battery died again trying.. Waited 5 more minutes...then tried to start...IT STARTED!!!! and sounded fine. Then my BIL screamed, "It's leaking oil, its' leaking oil real bad...." Turned engine off, looked down and the oil filter was hangin out.... Looked at all the screws on the oil filter cover....they were all severed!!!! Somehow the entire oil filter cover was blown out.... Was able to gently work out the stubs outta the block, so that's good...but I don't know what to do next...or what I did. Bad sparkplug? What the heck happened? Should I just replace the screws? and try again? Should I take to shop for an expensive checkup? Please give me some GOOD Easter Sunday news.... btw...the engine, muffler, plug are all stock...no mods...bike has about 1500 miles on it. I do my own oil changes.
  11. squatpuke

    Need Quick, Easy Help...Oil Check

    . . Ok...so one side is the tranny oil and the one with the dipstick the engine? How do you check the tranny oil? AND is it same kind of oil?
  12. squatpuke

    Need Quick, Easy Help...Oil Check

    . . A friend borrowed his friends 450X for the week... We're concerned about the engine oil level....how in the heck do you check it?
  13. squatpuke

    Need more range on 2008 XR650L

    The foam is about 4-5 inches wide and several inches long... Does the long piece go DOWN the frame? Do you twist tie? Does it stay if you don't? Any tape or sealant on threads of petcock? Have heard that may peeps leave the cross brace off... Thanks bro....
  14. squatpuke

    Need more range on 2008 XR650L

    same here...same place Haven't installed it yet...difficult?
  15. squatpuke

    dr650se or xr650l

    I'm the happy owner of an '07 XR650L...and had the same dilemma as you... I chose the XR because 99% percent of asked peeps said it was the 650 of choice for more dirt stuff, which was exactly what I was looking for... I've added wider footpegs, bigger triple clamp and handlebars and a 4.7gal tank...coming next are engine mods. I think the other big thing to consider is seat-height...if you're over 6 foot, I'd say for sure get the XR if you want the most 650 for your dirt...I'm 6'2" and 250lbs...and very satisfied with the XR. Hope this helps...