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  1. aaronjohnston

    Idles but won't take any throttle

    Mine would only idle. Any gas and it would backfire like no ones business. Turned out to be the stator.
  2. aaronjohnston

    BCS game........

  3. aaronjohnston

    BCS game........

    Who would have thought defense would show up in this game.........
  4. aaronjohnston

    Lost my CS seal (?) on the road today.... very scary.

    Thanks. I will do the obvious thing I havent done in 15k miles....... but I was just wondering how so much oil came out in such a short span and there is no evidence of a seal blowing out. Just wondering if it came from somewere else..... Just freggin weird, the seal looks perfect.
  5. aaronjohnston

    Lost my CS seal (?) on the road today.... very scary.

    Bike has been hanging out on the stand and plugged into the trickle charger since it blew its oily wad all over Colorado Ave. almost 3 months ago. I finally dug into it and here is what I found. -CS nut was very loose. More or less hanging there by a few threads. -Everything looks to be fine with the seal. -***? I put 2qts of shit oil in but I am doing more research before I button it back up and start it. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  6. aaronjohnston

    Mid and hi rpm misfiring

    This happened to me. Bike idled fine but when rev'd anywere above 2k it would sputter and backfire. Ended up replacing the stator.
  7. aaronjohnston

    Lost my CS seal (?) on the road today.... very scary.

    Yeah, I was wondering if it was something else besides the CS seal. This was an explosion of oil and it was all out within several yards. A very quick check of the underside showed my drain plug was still in and the block was not cracked.
  8. aaronjohnston

    Lost my CS seal (?) on the road today.... very scary.

    Good point. I havent done anything to it yet but you bring up an interesting afterthought...... does the oil absorb into the tire? Is it toast, or will 20 minutes in a parking lot do the trick?....... hmmmmmm
  9. On Colorado and had to make a left and head back north on the parkway..... I never stopped and was going about 15mph turning left.... all of a sudden it felt like I was on snow and I got very sideways and loose. Huge amount of pucker factor there as I almost layed it down into oncoming traffic. OIL EVERYWHERE. Got bailed out by my baby Bro. On a side note that was the last turn I had to make before 15 miles of 70mph freeway and I doubt I would have known it had let go once on the freeway. I was lucky I was able to kill the engine 20 yards and 10 seconds up the road so I doubt the engine was damaged in any way.
  10. aaronjohnston

    Victim of photoshop.....

    so far we got custom graphics on the front hoof, upgraded exhaust, any additional bling?
  11. aaronjohnston

    Victim of photoshop.....

    ha ha ha, yeah, lets start photoshop farkleing the thing
  12. aaronjohnston

    flat battery

    Mine has sat for several months without battery issue's (not on a tender). An LED cluster is not going to cause the drain to happen in a week.......... maybe 2 years......
  13. aaronjohnston

    bad noise in 5th gear, HELP!

    Bad CCT? Lugging in 5th causes the slap
  14. aaronjohnston

    Victim of photoshop.....

    Posted a ride report on our local forum at benddualsport.com........ never thought it would go this far. I am still busting a gut and the guy did it over 2 hours ago...... Original... PONY POWER!!!!! :ride: :lol:
  15. aaronjohnston

    New rider, first bike, not afraid of the search feature!

    Definately pick up some SM rims. Knobbies suck on the pavement and it burns them off in no time. SM setup is super fun on the street, much smoother, and dead sexy. I wish I had gotten mine sooner.