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  1. hope ya like. i made a photbucket account just for this thread. lol
  2. ya, im with him, i have a really sensitive mouse so i didnt get past level three. lolbut im asuming somein pops up outa nowhere to scare the shit out of you. lol
  3. yup, toes mx park, that gap is pretty much insane. like, the only words that came to mind was, **** that. lol
  4. thad be soo awsome, think thats legal, if they jump early on purpose bust the gate, and go b4 every1 eles goes, and gets the whole shot, already jumping first jump b4 the gate drops? that would be awsome
  5. thats sick dude, that is soo florence, right? if so i know exactly where that spots at, nice air, i like
  6. does any1 know??? ill give u a cookie if u know
  7. Ive heard this song b4 and i cant figure it out. i really want to know. so any help would be much appreciated. and its a cool vid. short but very good editing http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=842308345&a=0#addcomment
  8. naw it has to be 450's. i took my crf250r out to florence. and it was soo hard on it. i was wraping it out in all the gears just to get moving to 2nd gear normal speed. but my buddy with a kawi450 he goes where ever the hell he pleases, hes got all that power on a lite bike. ya know
  9. thanks, i just had to see it again and show my friends. that wouldnt feel good. his head got wiplashed. any1 know how he is doing? medical wise
  10. can any1 find a vid clip of the Chris G. crash? ive looked and cant seem to find one. some help?
  11. i own a 05 crf250 *check garage* and anywho i havent had one problem with it. at all. my buddy owns a yzf250 and he is always talking shit about my bike. but thats all people do. is talk. blue bikes always talk shit about red bikes and all that crap. put the bullshit aside and coming from some1 who has ridin a crf250, and raced a purdy much stock one to victory. they arnt cheap bikes. great choice for a bike if ya ask me. if you have any like other questions feel free to ask, hope this helps a lil
  12. those are sick, my fav helmet is the black and white thor helmet, those graphics are tight
  13. those last 2 pics in florence oregon? looks soo familar
  14. nice nice, and street legal, very sweet setup.
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