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  1. Fry!

    Hey man, how have you been?

    1. Fryboy


      Hey Jz  I've been pretty good thanks.  Hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Year.  

    2. jz125


      I did brother. It was good.

      Miss you around here and honestly was concerned. Glad you are lurking still!

  2. Hurt... angry... you have a few of the symptoms. I really don't need to you stick up for me but thank you for doing so
  3. Are you still angry??? :::::hugs:::::
  4. Fryboy

    What do you think about Fantasy SX/MX?

    We've been using Motodynasty and RMFantasy for SX the last few years.. Other's join the league hosted by a TT'er. I am sure if you make something comparable people may try it? RMF offers limited weekly prizes and bigger ones for the top 3 if I remember right? I have run all 3 but ended up only doing MD and RMF as that was enough to deal with for me
  5. Fryboy

    Ironman Bench Racing

    Anyone else think AMart must of gotten hurt about 5 weeks ago? He was a legitimate front runner now he is finishing around 9th or so.
  6. Fryboy

    Ironman Bench Racing

    Trying to recapture that Yellow glory from days gone by. Also, I don't think anyone else is offering him a ride for Soupy
  7. Fryboy

    Ironman Bench Racing

    Ummmm not this particular time it was the White Pumpkin Pooper Peick opted to have surgery as his wrist I believe is messed up so they gave a shot to Reed. I think Reed will be riding for them come SX. We'll see
  8. Fryboy

    Ironman Bench Racing

    Has to be disheartening to have old man Reed come out and smoke some of these so called fast fools without racing all summer. He's a mudda !
  9. Fryboy

    Ironman Bench Racing

    Forkner, Cantrell, McElrath, Decotis, Jordyn Smith, and a few others surprised me
  10. Fryboy

    Ironman Bench Racing

    WOW! There is a shit ton of fast 250 riders that aren't going to be racing today. Couldn't qualify ?? I think they packed it in.
  11. Fryboy

    Unadilla bench racing RD 10

    Thanks brudda, I am in Maui, which meant 4 am race time, not having it, and appreciate it
  12. He hasn't even offered that to any Mod's around here!!! I am truly hurt and feel under appreciated
  13. Fryboy

    2018 MX Red Bud Bench Racing - Rd 7

    There is so much that is right with this pic.... where to begin?