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  1. cloute

    finished my 02" graphics on my 00"

    Looks nice but I'd change the rear tire before putting on new stickers!!!
  2. cloute

    No more YZ 250 2 strokes

    Most of the dealership don't keep any yz250 in stock but when you wanna buy one they get one from their warehouse immediately. It took a day over here when I bought my '07.
  3. cloute

    Adding Pro Tapers

    Can somebody tell me what's the yz250 2007 protaper bend??
  4. cloute

    '07 YZ250 first impressions

    That would totally make sense dude, I was relying a lot on the 4 strokes engine braking before, now I can easily see myself going throught 2 sets of brake pads a year! I'll eventually get back to it. But like Nitroused383 I'm gonna try to lower my front by raising the forks in the clamps and put a new set of michelin's s12 ,it's gonna be like day and night. Can't remember which magazine said that but driving S12's is like cheating and it's true!
  5. Hey guys, I'm back to the 2 strokes scene with a brand new yz250 arriving from a '04 yz450f. It's the best move I could ever done, if you are hesitating don't anymore you won't regret it! That bike pulls like crazy from way down low until cutoff. The bike handles really good, the suspensions are definately better than those from my previous bike. Now after 3 tanks burnt, I'm starting to feel few little things that bug me a bit, first is the bike height, as the specs state the bike is higher than my 450 used to be, therefore I find the foot pegs are too high as well so when I come into turns, I have problems grabbing the tank with my knees (I'm 5'10'' 170lbs). My knee cap is almost as high as the fuel cap is. Also the bars eventhough they are fatbars (which I like!!!), they should be higher than that, that will be the first mod coming on. I mostly ride sandy track, I think the stock dunlop's 755 suck, I'll put michelin's s12 real soon. In turns, if I don't transfer my weight enough to the front, the tire won't grab at all which is scary because on my 450 that wasnt an issue at all. Anyway just thought of letting you know guys but overall wicked bike, no regrets what so ever!
  6. cloute


    man nice bike, but I don't trust when it says in the bidding history: bidder 1, bidder 2, bidder 3, etc......
  7. cloute

    Back to the dark side!

    Question about plastics...I'd like to change all of them including the seat cover to get the same 2007 4-stroke gray color version? Does the seat have the same shape as the 4-stroke? What aftermarket plastic would you recommand, UFO, Acerbis?
  8. cloute

    Back to the dark side!

    Apparently, according to the dealership the pipe are different from 2006 to 2007 What is the DEP setup you're talking about? I sure wanna hear about it.
  9. cloute

    Back to the dark side!

    Hey guys, just sold my '04 yz450f and then decided to go back to my roots, I bought a brand new 2007 YZ250. Man that bike look awesome, can't wait for the weather to clear up to go riding. I am already planning on few mods. I'd like to put a Pro Circuit pipe on it, I was wondering if the Works from 2005 would fit because on their website they only produice it to up to 2005 production line. I've also heard that the 2006 and 2007 pipe was different??? I'm planning on buying an IMS 3.2 Gal gas tank for extra range, with some radiator guards (that's a must).
  10. cloute

    Coolant Loss

    No, that pic is from a website that sells aftermarket decompression plug. But it's not a bad idea, I'll do it for the new one I'll be putting in.
  11. cloute

    Coolant Loss

    Does this look like being your problem? If yes it's most likely gonna be the decompression plug missing.
  12. cloute

    Coolant Loss

    Hey man read that we all have the same problem!!! http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=372226
  13. cloute

    i need help

    Hey guys, I also have a 2004 yz450f. I was racing the last week-end and my friends were saying ''hey your bike is smoking'', at first I wasn't concerned about it because it was raining so I just thought it was water hitting my exhaust pipe. After the practice on my way back to the pits I started smelling a funny burnt odor. I cleaned my bike with the pressure washer and discovered a bunch of dirt stuck of my right radiator. I thought like you that I had a coolant leak, how can this be possible with a fairly new bike and having not fell the bike yet, it's was hard to understand the situation. The engine oil was slightly going down but I was giving a hard time to my bike during the race so I didn't worry I thought it was normal. Then after the race I was about to remove my rad to bring it to a shop and have it weld but thanksfully I came here and did a search and found this post with the search tool!!! Went in the garage to find out that I have the same problem as yours, the plug is gone. I started it just to see and put my finger accross the hole, no wonder why my radiator was all dirty with all the oil vapors going out through that hole! Anyway I'll head to the dealership tomorrow and order a plug, hopefully they've got one on stock so I can practice during the week-end Cheers!
  14. cloute

    Broken collarbone people please help

    Hey man that's sad to hear, hope you recovered w/o any prob. Last week it happenned to me too, I cased a 50 foot double and felt on my right shoulder, the result was a broken collarbone plus my left wrist broke too. I went to the doc, he did some x-rays on my clavicle, it's pretty bad actually other than nothing is sticking out from the skin. The collarbone is in 4 pieces...I've got a freakin big bump and the doc says it's normal. He doesnt want to any surgery on it right now to prevent infection. All I have is a little sling to hold my arm, nothing else. Did you have something else to hold yours???? I'm a bit worried about my doc, i'm not pretending he's wrong but as far as my bones were, they're not gonna heal properly...he says they gonna lined up, nothing has moved yet. If I knew how to post picture I could show you the x-rays.