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  1. Jeromy

    Republicans stand up against HR 980 (NREPA)

    It's nice to see at least a couple of our representatives still actually "represent" us.
  2. You'll find DS prices on the DR350 and DRZ-400 a bit over priced in Washington and Oregon due to their popularity and lots of people looking to get into motorcycling to cut down on fuel costs.
  3. The DRZ-400 will probably work out just fine. Its nimble and has plenty of power. I myself am in your weight range and I don't have any problems with a stock DRZ doing the speed limit when on the highway and the bike does great off-road. The only problem for when your on the highway is the seat since it is a motocross seat. I have ridden my DRZ over mountain passes and trails with no issues what so ever. The main thing to do is to find someone or a dealership let you guys try out some of the different bikes out there.
  4. So are you strickly staying to dirt road and trails? If so a DRZ-400 may be better. Its suspension is far better on trails than a KLR-650 or BMW. If your determined to have a 650 then I would go with the Honda XR650, its more trail oriented than the kawi or BMW. Just my two cents.
  5. Great find! Its sad nowadays that TV station and the others around here are really are only interested in putting down the sport in open areas. They would not be caught dead making a good video about motorcycling these days.
  6. Jeromy

    Craigslist ad of the week...

    I think its lacking a sufficient amount of duct tape.
  7. Jeromy

    Protection Package and other improvements

    Make sure to add some case savers. The brake and shift lever can easily puncture the magnesium casings.
  8. Jeromy

    What make & model is this bike?

    If thats a Suzuki then its got an after market pipe and gas tank. My Dad's got a TS125 (the 250's were almost identical) and they come with a pipe up high on the right side. The RN racing models had the low pipe on the right side. Also the gas tank is completely wrong for the suzukies of that day.
  9. Jeromy

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    <--Jeromy Marysville
  10. Jeromy

    Role Call Snohomish Co. Areas

  11. Jeromy

    S fork questions

    I had the speedo mounted with the one bolt that held the rm number plate on and it worked fine. I jumped my bike and went through many sand whoops and it never even came close to comming loose with just the one bolt. :ride:Just make sure to use some locktite. You can also go with a different speedo like the trailtech Vapor which you can buy a mount that bolts right to the top of the bar clamps and looks very nice.
  12. Might I suggest if your are going to be riding mostly street(since your on a ninja now) that you may try one of the Vstroms out. They have the dual sport riding position and a VERY comfortable seat. Also if you have a passanger it is comfortable for them as well.
  13. Jeromy

    RM frontend on DRZ?

    The front breaks are a direct bolt on with the forks. I put a set of 99' RM 250 forks on my 2000 DRZ and they work much better than what the bike came with. Just make sure you pick up a triple clamp with those forks.
  14. Jeromy

    Trailtech Vapor Custom Installation

    Nice install. I see he mounted a couple of LED's for the nuetral light and highbeam, very nice. I can't wait to get my Viper on monday and get it installed.