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  1. stock510

    cant seem to lock into deep rutted turns?

    Heres a good video about ruts from an Aussie!
  2. stock510

    Popping on decel?

    This usually means your a bit lean on the Pilot Jet. So a larger pilot jet would be my advice.
  3. stock510

    Bubba's new attitude

    Isnt JS new trainer Aldon Baker........RC old training weapon. Maybe along with training JS physically, hes also passing on some words of wisdom on how to be a better overall rider/ personality in the sport of SX.
  4. stock510

    The switch back to 2 stroke!!!

    New 2 stroke fan here!! Selling the 06 450 for a 07 yz250 after riding a mates 07 yz250. Couldnt beleive how much fun it was. Awesome power and loved how light it felt.
  5. stock510


    Well it isnt a 'how to' video, but watching these boys whip:worthy:
  6. stock510

    ''Testimonial of a Trackbuilder''

    Heres a vid of how the sx tracks are built in Australia for the races, shows good whoop building form, although I don't know of many people who have large front end loaders at their disposal!!
  7. stock510

    help! rebuild went south

    I would check to make sure that you havnt over tightened the cam caps, which is easy to do without a torque wrench if thats whats happened, other than that I am not sure.
  8. stock510

    Paul Carpenter's new practice track.

    Excellent work:worthy: I am curious as to how many machines you have working on the track? So your loading the Articulated dumper with the excavator? Then dumping the dirt for the jumps and pushing them up with the dozer? And grooming with a skid steer? Do you use a front end loader at all? Dont want all your trade secrets but a good idea would be nice. Again excellent work.
  9. stock510

    building my own track?

    If you want to build a motocross track and have natural slope in your track area than getting a bulldozer would be the most logical choice. If you are unfamiliar with using one then having someone come in that owner-operates would be the best bet. Very rough price idea: -Float: Perhaps $150 - $200 -Hourly rate: $100 - $150 depending on size, could be more could me less, depends on size really. Say roughly it cost you $1000 per day to have someone with a reasonable sized dozer to come to your house. Obviously knowing exactly what you want the dozer to do will save you time (money as its on hourly). I would mow the the track itself with a mower and then put stacks in where you want your jumps so the operator has some idea as to what you are trying to achieve. When you think about it you either spend endless amounts of time using equipment that is too small for the task or you spend the money and get the right equipment in and save yourself a lot of work and frustration. I am in the middle of building my track. I wish i could of had some hills because where my track is, is flat and i had to get all the dirt trucked in. Not a big deal as its easy to find dirt where i live but then when you have to move it all...........Ended up hiring a front end loader and spending all day and part of the night piling the dirt for all the jumps. But had i have not spent the money and put the time into sitting in the loader then i would still be looking at moving thousands of tonnes with a small excavator and truck.......not fun and would take me months working on it a lot. Good luck with it whichever way you go.
  10. stock510

    Pro Taper Evo - Guessing bend

    Hey mate, I purchased some Pro Taper Evo's, Windham Bend off Bto sports a few months back with no dramas although on reflection I would have got a bend slightly smaller (Reed Bend) as i rode a bike with that bend on them and they felt perfect for me. I am about 6'1. Holding them in your hand is what i did but unless you are riding a bike with them mounted on it, its a bit hit and miss i think.
  11. I didn't get my suspension re valved or anything fancy like that i just put in the right springs for my weight and left it at that. Its not like i went to a suspension shop and said I am a A grade gun and now my bike is setup like a rock, although its a good point you make. When I am out riding the track and I am riding with people who race and i feel are pretty good riders, I am not cruising around the track, I am going as quick as i can to battle with them. I think that the current setup is holding me back so ill have to get it sorted out! Thanks for the replies.
  12. It is dialed in for the track that we ride often which is far smoother than this particular track.....have set the sag at 100mm and the bike seems nice although still doesn't have the front end stickiness of the WR. The track that we went to today is very rough in comparison to the more sx style track that we have on a mates property, so i think i have just gotten into the mindset that its a rough mx track and therefore thats it, now i realize that i need to put a lot more time into getting the suspension really dialed in for this particular track because if a WR can do it in style then i should be able to get the YZ to be as smooth. I feel kind of silly for riding it how it is now if it could be so much better. I now realize that my "dialed in" is not even close to what dialed in should really feel like. I guess i will start with stock settings from the manual and put some quality time into getting the bike working how it should and record the best settings i can come up with so every time i ride the rough track i can put in the settings.
  13. Hey all, Went for a ride today at a local track that our group rides at every so often. Track had received plenty of rain and was super tacky, perfect riding conditions as it is usually dry and dusty. Anyway, my mate works for yamaha and is able to get a 07WR250F for weekend rides. So halfway through the day i decided to have a ride on it and i have never felt more comfortable on a bike and more confident ever. I was cornering far better than i ever had, the front end was stuck like glue everywhere and just inspired confidence in me and i was riding out of my skin. Now the bike obviously didn't have the power or acceleration of my 450 so some sections required a lot more throttle than I am used to and the suspension would bottom out easier (only on one instance when i came up a touch short on a tabletop) but it cornered so well that it obviously didn't matter as my mate was timing me. My mates couldn't believe how much better i was riding and neither could i. I would say i am a B grade rider as my mate races this grade and i can keep pace with him with no worries and we both ride a 06yz450f. I was kind of clueless as to why i could get on a bike that was not set up for me in any way for my weight and it be so good. I would love my 06 to corner like this. My 06 has the right springs for my 90kg frame and i have set the sag and played with the clickers like many on here have suggested and i thought it handled good before i rode this WR. It has kind of made me keen for a WR, or more to the point - getting my 06 to handle like the WR did. If the WR450 corners like the 250 then i would buy one..........my mates said they wouldnt ride with me if i had a WR because they think they look wrong on a mx track but that was the best day of riding i have had in a long time.
  14. stock510

    Flywheel removal tips

    I have a new timing chain to put in my 06, but dont have a flywheel puller..........so this is the method for people who dont have a puller?
  15. stock510

    Buying a 08 yz250f HELP!!!

    Congrats on getting a bike. My advice would be to get an hour meter at the same time you purchase your bike so you know exactly when you should change your oil and also its easy to keep on top of maintenance when you have one. Motominder make a good one. Keep on top of your oil changes: 5 - 10 hrs depends on what you think, the less the better. Cheaper in the long run to get a Stainless Steel oil filter as well so you can clean it everytime you do your oil. Clean the air filter when its dirty and make sure you regrease all the bearings and linkages when you first get the bike as they usually come fairly poorly greased up. What area in Australia you from? Im in sydney.