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  1. RW24JIMMY

    Price check on used 2008 DRZ-400S

    Just sold my 05s for 3500 with extras ,6100 miles. Sounds good to me.
  2. RW24JIMMY

    Final Thread

    Oh yea Paul. Thanks for telling your buddy about the other bike. I appreciate it. If you ever go riding with him look out the bike I sold him will wuup your ass . But he weighs 220 so you might be able to take him.
  3. RW24JIMMY

    Final Thread

    Hey Paul THANKS. Nice pic of your little guys bike and yours. Enjoy it. Your buddy came sat morning for the other one. I gave him some parts I had left over from your bike told him to give you a call.. The oem carb, a front disc brake cover (white), one small dualstar mirror, and a couple of other stock parts you probably wouldn't use anyway, ie stock skidplate,stock exhaust heatshield,stock chain. Take it easy.
  4. RW24JIMMY

    Final Thread

    Hey guys I just sold the DRZ this morning. $3500.00 bucks I got , It was an 05s blue with alot of extras. A guy and his wife drove 4 hours to pick it up. I would just like to thank The THUMPER TALK SITE and the TTparts store , EDDIE in Colorado ,FORREST at Wheeling bike supply , DAVE at MRD. When you deal with quality people in the bike industry like these people its a PLEASURE. Also I'd like to thank the fellow DRZ bike owners/ riders for the information and resources that this site provides. RIDE SAFE GUYS
  5. RW24JIMMY

    UFO TAILIGHT replacement blinkers

    Thanks guys I found a guy willing to sell me the two blinkers and the brake lense, plus the reflector for 30 bucks total. For the two ballbags who chimed in with the opinion on how the taillight looks , Bitches add their two sense when nobody asks for it. The Edge light is a good taillight also But who the F asked ya, what do you have nothing else to do SHUT YOUR BALLOON KNOT
  6. Does anyone know if the TT store sells the Blinkers for the UFO universal Tailight? How about the brake light lens ? They sell the complete assembly but cant find any replcement lenses.Thanks for any reply.
  7. Call dave at MRD buy one from him. What are you trying to save 2 bucks?
  8. RW24JIMMY

    MRD SSW Exhaust Question

    The Mrd with the quiet core on the DRZ is a lot like a 12 sec street car . When you jump on the gas it only gets louder as you go thru the gears . But you can roll out of the throttle and run somewhat quiet . What Im saying is that if youre not Beatin it aroud town its not that offensive . Thats just my opinnion.
  9. RW24JIMMY

    Motorcycle roadtest tues

    When I took mine on Long Island, NY. The guy before forgot to put on his helmet when the instructer said next. The instructer let him start and then said stop you fail and pointed to his head. I was next I put on my cap and smoked the test , just be calm and listen to what the instructer and what they want you to do. Figure 8s are common practice in NY and I used my hand signals , the instructer even gave me a "nice Job on the test "
  10. RW24JIMMY

    Big Bore Kits

    When I seen the question I broke out laughing. Has anyone done a big bore?
  11. RW24JIMMY

    SSW/MRD Heat sheild...

    Heres what I did fellas. I used the exhaust wrap from my small block chevy headers. No more buring my pant leg. I think it looks pretty cool also
  12. RW24JIMMY

    Splutter after jumps?

    Kickstand kill switch
  13. RW24JIMMY

    2001 kx500

    Thanks Old Timer Im a Chevy and a KX guy all the way.
  14. RW24JIMMY

    DRZ 400s price check

    Im selling this 05s with an FCR a yosh system pro tapers,baja tailite, zeta levers, renthal sprockets, gold rk chain, skidplate, seatcover, front disc cover,and new dulop606s for 3200. A fellow TT is coming to pick it up in the next few weeks. If it doesn't have all these parts and its not in great condition then you should be able to get it for less.
  15. RW24JIMMY

    ATV low bend?

    The windam bend is a little higher then the Cr high. Pro taper 7/8 Im talking.