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    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    It better come with a C-clamp for the file or its a ripoff!
  2. Speed-Freek

    Morning Mojave Rides: Thursdays & Saturdays

    Damn Jeff, you got me beat on rides this year! Good on you, I'm jealous! Was it 1 up and 4 down, Throttle on the left? I looove Yucca plants, just don't get too close. Yep, I'm still .04% Yucca by volume, lol.
  3. Speed-Freek

    Random Music Thread

    That was actually pretty badass, lol! Chick was pretty hot too!! Ha
  4. Speed-Freek

    Are 2 strokes dead in California?

    I dont quite have the budget for one of them suckers!! But yes Lektrik is the way to go for noise control, the dust, thats another story Ha, is that the Strider rocking bike edition? Haha, auto pilot, it aims for pedestrians...
  5. Speed-Freek

    A few of my pics from Last Dog Standing 2018

    Looks like them, although Jared's bike looks a bit different or he bought a new Beta! Great pics!!
  6. Speed-Freek

    Are 2 strokes dead in California?

    Hey do you still ride dirtbikes or did you retire like I did, lol. Ill be out this season, just trying to get a lot of stuff done on the new house and property, even building a little track although its a bit loud when I ride my YZ around my mini enduro course forget about the 450, you can probably hear that from the beach!!! Just giant mounts of dirt a hillclimb with rocks at the top and a little step down jump off one of my tiers. Might even make a step up! Now I just need a little bike thats super quiet so I can moto all day...and not have the neighbors come over in a group with pitchforks!
  7. Speed-Freek

    Are 2 strokes dead in California?

    No problem, if I have trailer brakes I'm good to go! I have 400 RWHP in the miny Jap truck! I once towed my Camaro (3700#) on a 2800# trailer with NO trailer brakes, dont think Ill be doing that ever again! The trailer was actually driving the truck! I need one of those! Sheet, I may even need to go out and get an old Ford Diesel too...
  8. Speed-Freek

    Are 2 strokes dead in California?

    Same here - I could read TT in just a few minutes before Riddler had his stroke. Now it takes forever. But did he have 2 strokes??
  9. Speed-Freek

    Are 2 strokes dead in California?

    I need one of those for my new tractor, how much was that sucker? I should be able to pull it with my little Tacoma.
  10. Speed-Freek

    Snake Pit: Setting up the bike

    Hey that copyright infringement! Thats my line!!!
  11. Speed-Freek

    Where did you ride?

    I'm riding my tractor today and starting to cut in my extreme enduro course!! And its in my own yard, haha! Soon I will be riding my bike again, haha. Its been waaaay too long.
  12. Speed-Freek

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Thank you! I agree, but the lack of dirtbikes is kind of a bummer too. Pros and Cons to everything, its a lot of work to get 2 acres into shape after 20 years of neglect! Now my main problem is I have developed Tendentious in both forearms from working waaay too hard...and I'm not getting any younger. Im in the market for a tractor too!!
  13. Speed-Freek

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Well I've only ridden 2x all year long but last weekend I got to ride my new Posthole digger!! This new property is absolutely consuming me!
  14. Speed-Freek

    Video: Cliff from Havasu flips out at The Snake Pit

    Haha, looks like a good time to me, lol!
  15. Speed-Freek

    Ypl Saturday

    Make a video so I can at least watch the good stuff, still stuck at the new house slaving away trying to finish my shop!! Waaaa.
  16. Once the valves start to move your clock is ticking, what size shim was used, do you know? That would help determine how close you are to needing to actually do the top end, and its not far off depending on how you ride generally speaking.
  17. Lemme know if I can help, Im in Vista and can take care of you. shoot me a PM and I can get it dialed for you.
  18. Speed-Freek

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Wow those are some sick wave pics!!!!! Amazing! Did you shoot those???
  19. Speed-Freek

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Lots of fun, I've got to break away more often. Like you I've been off the bike waaaay too much the last couple years!!
  20. Speed-Freek

    San Diego area rides-look here

    I am off of Mar Vista and the 78, PM me and I can let you know where riding is, not much in the immediate area though
  21. Speed-Freek

    Who's leading our Sat., 01/13, ride?

    It aint the bike!
  22. Speed-Freek

    Where did you ride?

    He sure did!! Yeah I had a rad ride, would love to do that every week! Let me know and we can try and get out and play, we have similar skill level so that makes it really fun to go play!
  23. Speed-Freek

    Where did you ride?

    Had a blast buddy, was good to ride with ya and use 5th gear again! Always good riding at a fast pace, I dont get to do that much anymore! My other buddy who went to Glamis ended up breaking 2 ribs and a collarbone, oops!
  24. Speed-Freek

    The Punisher-Dirt Bike Hill

    Traction is pretty neat! Well some of us SHOULD. Your tactic is to trench the fawk out of the trail so its becomes a rain rut instead of a trail as Jesus intended! Haha! Tubliss has traction like a tractor, lol. I try and run actual vacuum in it for a better contact patch.