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  1. IdaSpode

    Motorcycle lift tables

    I kept the shop empty until the floor had cured enough to paint. I am about to build a new shop and will probably do the same on this one. It has held up very well, no oil stains, and lord knows I've spilled plenty over the years. I also had radiant in floor heating installed, fired by the 80 gallon water heater.
  2. IdaSpode

    Motorcycle lift tables

    Here is a shot with the front wheel chocks in place. I didn't trust it so removed it and just used tie downs.
  3. IdaSpode

    Motorcycle lift tables

    I bought this pneumatic lift table from the owner of a KTM dealership who went out of business. Repainted it with KTM orange and Boise State blue.
  4. IdaSpode

    Show me around Idaho City trails, I'll buy lunch...

    If you haven't already, contact Bill Dart for a set of his wonderful Idaho trail maps: billdart@rocketmail.com
  5. IdaSpode

    Trail building thread

    Bill Dart builds and sells a nice fork mounted rack: billdart@rocketmail.com
  6. IdaSpode

    2 stroke xc clear tanks

    These tanks "out gas". I know because I tried to protect the exposed areas of the tank by applying clear vinyl background material. It would bubble up rather quickly, especially in warmer weather. I ended up perforating on my next try and it worked much better, but still bubbled, so it doesn't surprise me that whatever dye is used in the oil will permeate the tank and discolor it.
  7. IdaSpode

    front brake bleeding probs

    When I have issues with front brake bleeding I use the quick and dirty "knee to push the piston in" trick. Hold the wheel at 9 & 3, knee on the caliper, push to bottom out the piston. Make sure the reservoir is full, pump the brake lever. Rinse, lather and repeat until you have good pressure. It helps to have an observer to note whether or not you are getting bubbles in the reservoir. As always, YMMV...
  8. IdaSpode

    Dirt bike feels slower because of sprocket?

    Here ya go: http://spodefest.net/rmd/sprktchrt.htm Check to see what is stock and go from there.
  9. IdaSpode

    Trails for my dirt bike experience in Wenatchee area?

    Yes, it's called Skillern Hot Springs.
  10. IdaSpode

    Trails for my dirt bike experience in Wenatchee area?

    This is a section of Big Smoky here in Idaho. The section in the second pic used to be much narrower, piece of cake now.
  11. IdaSpode

    The KTM 200 Club

    Welcome to the light of the dark side. I figured this out 18 years ago. I was riding a 95 XR250 when one of my riding partners suggested I was out riding the Honda. He arranged a demo ride on a 98 200. As soon as I rolled it out of the truck, after wrestling the weight of the XR, I knew I would like it. Thirty minutes later I was sold. I made a deal with my local dealer where I would build and maintain a website for him for my bike at cost, parts at cost +10%. This went on year to year. I also got a great deal on a Rekluse Z-Start in 2005 and have had every iteration up to the Core 3.0. Won't leave home without it and their LHRB... Sadly my KTM dealer went out of business so my sweetheart deal also went away. I ended up buying two more from a nearby Oregon dealer. I got the 14 for the button, love it. I've traded bikes on the trails with many other riders, both KTM and other brands 2S and 4S. They all came back with a "wow". As I am winding down my gnarly single track riding days I just can't bring myself to sell it and will keep it until I can't swing a leg over it.
  12. IdaSpode

    Solar Eclipse & Baumgartner

    From the east, the road is closed at Bown's CG, which is just a couple of mile downstream from the Big Smoky junction, so no coming in that way to Big Hole. The other closure is further downstream, and as I mentioned above, there is only a rocky bypass section. It can be ridden but you can't "drive" it.
  13. IdaSpode

    Solar Eclipse & Baumgartner

    There are other areas to camp other than Baum. You would need to go in north from Fairfield, over Couch Summit to Big Smoky then over Fleck Summit. Use Google maps to search on "Sawtooth Camp, Fairfield, ID" to get you in the area. But with several road washouts, linking some trails is going to take some creativity. There are currently two closures on the road east out of Baum. One only a few miles up and another near the top of the road, near Big Smoky. There is a go-around on the lower one but it's crawling through rocks for a distance.
  14. IdaSpode

    Boise area riders - Free Stuff

    I have some old parts I'll never use, free to a good home. Located in SW Boise: 4 old style front fenders - black - some with the brace, some W/O - one has strap to mount a fender bag 2 hockey stick style silencers - good condition but will probably need to be repacked 1 hockey stick SA insert - good condition 1 pair lower fork protectors - black - well used but functional 2 pair stock KTM "flag" hand guards - new ---------------------- Also, for sale 1 2007-2010 2S stock silencer - like new condition - $25 First come, first served PM me if interested
  15. IdaSpode

    Boise Area Tire Recommendation?

    For summer mountain riding you might consider a rear trials tire. I run one year around. It isn't the greatest in sand out in the desert but still excels in rocky terrain. I use the IRC tubeless (with a HD tube) at about 10 PSI.