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  1. I have an 04 I use predominately for trial riding. I was thinking about adding weighted fly wheel to help in some of the more technical terrian. I was wondering if anyone has done this and if so what weight fly wheel they would recommend. As well if there is a good place to order one online. My other thought was to drop the CS one tooth, but I already have enough problems keeping the front tire on the ground, I really don't want to make it worse. thanks Nate
  2. NWxr400

    XR400R will not start

    Where is the fuel/air screw on the carb? I know where the idle screw is but can not seem to locate this other screw? I know this is an idot question but I had to ask.......
  3. NWxr400

    Gordon's Mods for XR400

    AFP520, What is your elevation. I have the exact same mods as you except I run 97 exhaust. Anyway, I tried the 158/58 and my idle sucks, I tried messing with the air/fuel screw, it helped but not much. I left my needle in the stock postion. I think I might need to go to a 55 pilot? My elevation is roughly 2400. thanks
  4. NWxr400

    Dumb problem to have????

    I just got done grinding out my exhaust heads and I want to see if I need to rejet. However, when I went to take my plug out no dice. I can't get it out I tried the 11/16 socket it fits down in there but does not fit the plug. So I went to the 3/4 but that wont fit down in there. So I went and bought a thin walled 3/4 socket and that wont fit down to the plug either. Do I need a special tool or? thanks
  5. NWxr400

    Top Speed.

    I raced my brother in law last Sunday on a straight strech by his house. He has a stock 04 DRZ-E W/speedo, I have an 01, XR 4 with Gordon Mod's. He said he was coming up on 80 mph. Needless to say I was in a loosing battle.................. I guess I should sell my bike and get a 250, then I could smoke him..................
  6. NWxr400

    2001 xr 400 whats it worth?

    I bought my 01 this May for 2500. It was stock, pretty clean. He wanted 2800 for it. It really all comes down to how much you want it......... In Idaho XR4's are hard to find. If you were to pay 2200 or 2300 that would be a good deal.
  7. So I took off my rear tire to get a new one but when I went to put everything back together I ran into a problem with my collars. When I disassembled the bike both my collars fell out, well i stupidly did not look to see which side each collar goes too. One collar is longer then other does anyone know which side the bigger (longer) of the two collars goes on, sprocket side or the brake side?
  8. NWxr400

    Help me choose a tire

    I just replaced my M-12 with a Cheng Shin (C 760). I will be mounting it tonight. I really liked the M-12 for most condition. However, the downfall I see with the M-12 is wear in rocky conditions. The trails in Northern ID are riddled with rocks, after a day of climbing I could see where pieces of my knobs had been ripped off. If you ride in rocks I would suggestion going with a harder rubber tire.
  9. NWxr400

    Gordon's Mods for XR400

    So do you have a 14 or 15 tooth on the front now? My 01, came with a 16 tooth, I sh*t canned that thing 15 tooth, but have been thinking about dropping one lower?
  10. Winner!!!!! on the colors (pink and purple = gay) I did have a 94 KX125, the green machine................. I think not!!
  11. Idaho's pretty good, 10$ for the sticker, Rangers are cool though. Got stopped last week mine expired in May, he just told me to get a new one. Trails are awesome here and there is tons of them and tons of place's to ride. Track's here sucks and there aren't many, so I don't ride them.
  12. NWxr400

    Jetting for 6000'?

    I live in Post Falls and ride all around Northern Idaho. I just put on 97 exhaust and removed the Snorkel. I have rejetted to P62 M160. Seems to be working out great. I don't think you will experience any problems with your current setup.
  13. Wondering if anyone has a good on line recommendation for purchasing new jets for my bike? (01 XR400) thanks
  14. NWxr400

    Drz400s Vs Honda XR400

    I have an 01 XR400 and my brother in law just bought an 04 DRZ. I have ridden both and have come to the following conclusions: Power: DRZ all the way, once his skill level is close to mine I will need to make some serious mods to keep up with that bike. Handling: For me it was a toss up. Mostly due to the fact I am used to my bike and have only rode his 5 or 6 times. Weight: Have to go with the XR on this one. I have read in other threads that the DRZ is heavier but the weight is carried lower in the bike, this maybe be true but to me it is noticeably heavier then the XR. However, the power makes up for it. Reliability: Not fond of only the electric start and no kick starter. He will be adding the kick starter soon. XR's are know for reliability but I have seen nothing with his bike to say anything bad about the DRZ reliability. Overall: It really depends on the person, but I would have to say the DRZ will edge the XR out.
  15. I bought a GSXR 750 (02) about 3 months ago. My first street bike and it has and does more then I am willing to handle........................