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  1. elcamino76

    bad riding experience

    yes this is a good point, i should have pertained my answer more towards two stroke, my experience happened with a four stroke, sorry..........
  2. elcamino76

    bad riding experience

    If your clutch is slipping i would open up the clutch side of the engine and see whats up, check springs or plates......but its not bad for your bike to run out of gas, i too forgot one time that i had turned off the gas on my 450 and it was dying when my brother got on to ride it, it just will stop combusting when there is no more gas and shut off......slowly though, so it was probably more like: pop pop pop sputter then you realized your gas was off.....
  3. elcamino76

    ball hone vs. scotchbrite + wd40

    this is pertaining to just changing piston and rings with a same size (oem) and not having to machine the cylinder because it is still in spec, am i correct and all you are trying to achieve is to deglaze the surface, much like...um...a car brake rotor....???
  4. elcamino76

    what kind of premix oil do you use?

    yes i too am currently using golden spectro but may try this "klotz" since it is highly recommended, but i agree with whats been said, pick one that works for you and stick to it.............people will tell you 100 different things when it comes to topics such as this....
  5. elcamino76

    Next time I'll listen...

    yeah i just went through a whole dilemma with my bike after purchasing it, and it really comes down to just pulling the intake an exhaust and checking the bike before you really start rippin.........good luck with the rebuild...
  6. elcamino76

    Busted 400EX Front Fender Mount. Ideas?

    could also try a fiberglass kit to patch it up, use the fiberglass "jelly" and some fiberglass itself and it becomes real strong..........
  7. elcamino76

    Top end compression

    well i thought that too but when i looked into the top end (intake side and exhaust side) the piston looked ok, no cracks, a little blow by with a brown spot but i could see the cylinder walls didn't look bad, no awefull scoring, i looked at my reeds and they don't seem great, is there a way that the reeds could be the culprit to my bike not starting??? How do you know when reeds are bad when visually inspecting them besides the evident cracking or chipping
  8. elcamino76

    Top end compression

    Ok i cant get my bike started and i cleaned the carb yesterday, checked for spark, now i did a compression check and the range was 115-130 psi. What should i do now??? (2000 cr500)
  9. elcamino76

    Top end compression

    I was wondering what the cut off is for psi of not changing top end and putting in a new top end. I have a 2000 cr500r and i have heard that 150psi is good and that 90-125 means new top end, but i was wondering about what if its borderline?? i mean at what point do you change a top end (the psi), thanks, (hard to phrase this ) again 2000 cr500 is has problems starting and i have ruled out spark, carburetor and trying to rule out compression but idk....
  10. elcamino76

    What The Heck is Goin On..?

    man that sux, i found a new dealership my self that when i ordered parts this past mon i got them yesterday and when riding today, sorry to hear about this junk that you are going though, terrible, just save your self some more time and order online with 2 day shipping and be done with it....usually works.
  11. elcamino76

    Tag v. Renthal? Chain?

    steel sprockets and x-ring chain, for durability...
  12. elcamino76

    01 cr250 low compression

    yes low compression is a sign of worn rings, make sure you did the compression test correctly and if you did 55psi seem considerably low, may be time for a top end
  13. elcamino76


    my friends little brother had a Yamaha (not to step on any toes) 85 and that thing ripped, i rode it and crashed that bike more than i did mine, thats probably because im 6'6 and didn't fit on it well.... his Yamaha didn't need any real work in the while that he had it so i would say between what the guy said earlier, the Suzuki or the Yamaha. Which ever you get a better deal on. unless you are leaning toward one brand.
  14. elcamino76

    tires, uuuuhhhh

    ahh very good idea, i have done a few tire changes here in the past so i know what im doing but its always good to have a new trick.
  15. elcamino76

    tires, uuuuhhhh

    well i got to order a new tire for my cr 500 '00 and i want to get a hard tire so it will last longer,, and i have narrowed it down to the dunplops or the maxxis although i have never used the maxxis, are they good tires??? stock size is a 110/100-18 and i have a 120/100-18 on there now, i don't race competition but i ride yard, dump, track, some trail, so would a hard terrain 120/100 tire provide longer life ( i know--cr500 eats tires) but also hook up good, i dont want it just to spin.