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  1. HondaXr200

    Metal flakes??

    Well i have that same year and i had the gears grind and go out for no reason... I was riding hard for two hours and then ride home, rest for an hour and then trailered my bike to a new place and then within 10 minutes they were grinding and the bike stopped dead. I'm not sure completly caused it. Took my bike completly apart and found some broken teeth and some a scortched mainshaft. I just slapped gears from a 1990 XR200 in there and it was all better.
  2. HondaXr200

    XR 200 headlight

    So if i got this right... splice the yellow wire for power... hook up the light... then ground it to the frame... Right?
  3. HondaXr200

    Air shrouds

    But our air cooled engines have to be radiators themselves so getting more air flowing around them will reduce the air temp around the engine.
  4. HondaXr200

    CRF plastics

    I would like to make my bike look more "race oriented" too with the newer seat and plastics.
  5. HondaXr200

    Air shrouds

    I'm pretty sure this is possible... And I'm pretty sure it would work... I have seen them on ATV's. Its not that hard to make and I'm thinking it would reduce engine temp. It would be attached to the down tube of the frame. Tell me what you think. http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m114/Jordan_G23/shroud.jpg (PS. Is it just me or does this guy look like he's giving the finger? )
  6. HondaXr200

    The undead bike...

    sorry about not posting this along time ago... but i got the clutch thing done with and just desided to leave it the way it was... So i start it up and i ride it for about 5 minutes and then stop to check the spark plug and what not and the head was a lot hotter than i thought it should have been... with some help i found out the oil pump was broken... so with an easy switch with an oil pump i had from my 1990 XR200 i got it up and running perfectly fine.
  7. HondaXr200

    Cams for XR200

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if there are different makers of cams for the XR200 other than powroll and web cams... I know XR's only used to but they stopped making them or just don't advertise for them...
  8. HondaXr200

    XR 200 headlight

    I'm also VERY interested in this topic so i would like to know how to mount a headlight for it...
  9. HondaXr200

    XR200 Frame Differences

    I say as long as the 83 is still working good just use that...
  10. HondaXr200

    CRF 150 parts on XR 200

    I would like to know that as well... I've heard that CRF 150/230 parts like exhaust bolt on but i dont want to try it myself for fear of it actually not working.
  11. HondaXr200

    1990 XR200, A Good year?

    Yep, it is a good year. It was the last year it had the long travel. I had one and it lasted me forever... You might want to invest on some power up parts. Just read the mod. guide for the XR200 and you'll get a good idea what to do. P.S. Good price too depending on what shape its in.
  12. HondaXr200

    XR200 Power Output?

    I was reading the honda repair manual and it said that stock horsepower was 19. I know... I know.. sounds high but that is what it said...
  13. HondaXr200

    Higher compression = hotter temp.?

    Its funny that you mention that bike with the bad oil pump... That was me. Thanks for the info about the intercooler and higher octane fuel.
  14. Becuase of the higher compression in my motor, would that cause a higher temp. in my engine?
  15. HondaXr200

    XR200 shock pressure

    Im awaitting the results because my bike has a 1990 shock and i havent serviced it at all and i know the people before me havnt. So if an oil change and nitrogen refill brings new life to it then ill have to do it too.