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  1. Truth is Stewart just doesn't have that desire anymore. We can want and wish for it all day long, but he seems content with where he's at. He's won titles, has plenty of money, and is ready to let it go. I don't fault him for it. He's had a long career. However, I don't respect him in the same way that I do some of the other great racers of the past who lined it up every chance they had until their body told them not to anymore.
  2. I'd encourage those that think Dungey was out of line to watch the entire race again and note how many times his exact line was used. I'll give you a hint, it's a bunch. Tomac and Canard both take the exact same inside line on Barcia, and that's just a couple examples. Nobody goes down, nobody gets hurt, and nothing looks dirty. The difference was that Barcia didn't cut down early like Stewart did. Now let me be clear that I in no way think Stewart is at fault for cutting down early. It was just something Dungey didn't account for and thus their lines came together, which happens in racing. As I said earlier, it was just a racing incident in which neither rider was at fault.
  3. So just to clarify, you believe that Dungey intended to make contact with Stewart the instant he left the face of the jump into the corner? I haven't heard this interview so fill me in if necessary. I just don't see it playing out that way. I can't imagine that the defending champ, who is already in great position by being in 4th place, became so impatient that he felt it was necessary to make a move on the second lap of the first race of the season. Year after year we hear that you can't win the championship at A1 but you can lose it. I can't imagine Dungey would risk going down by planning a takeout move in the second lap of A1. Maybe he would, but I just don't see it... As I said before, I don't think either rider really made a mistake. Dungey coming up short in my eyes was a slight mistake but apparently according to him it wasn't. Either way, it really doesn't change much about the following events. They were going to hit regardless. In my opinion though, their racing lines just came together unexpectedly.
  4. I don't think anyone is saying that JS did anything wrong, but instead that it was just a racing incident in which nobody was really at fault. I know several want to believe that the hot-headed, hyper aggressive Ryan Dungey came in and intentionally T-Boned Stewart in hopes that it would knock him out of the first two rounds, but I just choose to believe differently. You won't convince me that a guy who has been too passive for his entire career decided that on the 2nd lap of the opening round he just absolutely could not remain in 4th place and had to make a move right away. It's so obvious what happened here, yet so many seem blinded. Stewart decides to cut down because the riders in front of him went high. Meanwhile, Dungey is in the air coming to the inside. Dungey comes up short which kicks his back tire up which removes his ability to brake in time and he collides with Stewart. It wasn't anybody's fault. It happens every week.
  5. Yea because Dungey has such a long history of this type of behavior ... If ever there has been a title contender that is comfortable not being out front, it's Dungey. He's been criticized for it his entire career.
  6. The contact was a combination of Stewart cutting down extremely early and Dungey coming up short on the jump into the corner. If Stewart takes the main line there is no contact, and if Dungey lands the jump clean there is maybe slight contact but not the slam that it resulted in. However, the combination of both happening at the same time resulted in what you saw. No fault on anyone IMO, just a racing incident... You can try to predict what your opponents are going to do, but you're not always going to be right.
  7. That is very, very cool... I had just assumed it was a camera as well.
  8. Make no mistake about it, I'm not a Friese fan, but what Peick did was stupid and uncalled for. There is a distinction between being passionate about your racing and being an idiot. I am and will continue to be a fan of WP, but to see him work to get to the point he's at in his career and then do something dumb like this is frustrating. I understand being sick of Friese's crap, but on live television with full gear on is not the time nor place to handle it. As for Friese, he has always carried an aggressive reputation on the track dating back to his amateur days. We grew up in the same area and ended up at the same races most weekends. As kids we were decent friends but once we moved up to 85's and then especially to big bikes we had several run-ins that resulted in one of us getting pissed and the friendship fizzled out. One incident in particular ended up coming to blows off the track, but even at 15 years old we knew better than to fight on the track in full gear.
  9. Exactly, and I'm not sure why food poisoning is the "go to" really. You would think stomach bug would make more sense. That basically encompasses everything that could relate to a stomach illness, and as much as these guys push their bodies it seems likely that they could get an illness somewhat frequently. I know that the only time I truly had food poisoning, I couldn't have even held a bike up to kickstart it. It was the sickest I've ever been in my life. I know these guys are tough, but riding through true food poisoning would be damn near impossible IMO.
  10. I know they probably have constant access to medical personnel that is far more experienced than I, but I question all these instances of "food poisoning." I'm not saying they aren't sick, but I think any stomach bug gets classified as "food poisioning." It really just doesn't seem that prevalant to continue happening to someone every week. If so then someone needs to start checking the dates on this food. I've only had food poisoning once in my life, but I've been sick plenty of times.
  11. Love seeing Reed on top of the podium the last couple of weeks. I'm a big Reed fan, but admittedly I am surprised by these results. With that said, him along with the rest of the field need to get these points while they can, because I honestly expect RV to put a charge together on the east coast. Reed is also a good east coast rider though, so it should make for some good racing. I hope Barcia gets himself together on the East as well to add another guy to the lead pack. Roczen is the one I'm anxious to see when the series moves to east coast dirt. He's looked great so far and I don't really expect that to change, but hopefully he maintains this pace for the duration of the series.
  12. I like FS1, but have a lot of similar complaints that have already been mentioned here. The slo-mo through the whoops was really cool the first time, pretty cool the second time, but as far as I'm concerned they can stop with that during the middle of the race. It would be awesome to see after a race or sometime when there isn't action going on, but I'm not a fan of cutting away from the race to show it. The rookie highlight is dumb, most viewers know who the top rookies are and can just look for them in the running order scrolling across the top. Also, several times already they have cut away from an intense battle for the final transfer spot in a qualifier to show the leader cruise over the finish line with no one even close to him, and then the cameras will follow him into the pits where he talks to his mechanics. I would MUCH rather see the battle for the transfer spot. I hate when I hear the crowd go "OHHHHHHHHHH" while I'm watching the winner hand his goggles to his mechanic or cruise over the finish line with a huge lead.
  13. Me too. Not a fan of the crying act on the podium. I'm not saying it's not okay to be emotional after a win, and at least Dean's was a main, but I'm going to pull myself together before I'm doing any national TV interviews. If they rush to get a camera in my face, I'll be conducting an interview through my helmet. When did everyone get so soft?
  14. I think this is true. Either that or they have an exceptional amount of brake issues as you said. My theory is just that the team doesn't want to shed a poor light on themselves by admitting to mechanical failure, so instead they claim it was a brake issue so that it appears unavoidable. Instead of everyone talking about a mech failure, they talk about the rider catching a bad break.
  15. Crushing loss for Seely. Led 28 of 30 laps so far with 0 wins. Ouch!
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