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  1. hypersthenos

    Ciao from Italy

    Wow, you Italians are talented. Ferrari, Ducati and now you, RC30. Hope things haven't been too tough. Best wishes. God bless.
  2. hypersthenos

    D/S XR650R Charging Problem...

    I too rewound my stator with 18g for total of 320 wraps and have a 55/60W bulb in my BD headlight (complete BD DSK) and a totally dead battery. Even at idle my headlight is bright and handwarmers & signals work fine (blinkers a a little slow at idle. One thing I had to do with my rewind was place small 1/4 inch squares of friction tape between the wires where they cross between poles to bring my ohms down to spec (I think I scraped some of the thin laquer insulation off while winding between poles). That fixed everything. Hope that helps. I will later be replacing my battery as it is completely shot (won't even light the LED tail light with the engine off). Hope this may help you troubleshoot. BTW, does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement battery equivalent to the original one that came with the BD kit? Otherwise I'll be ordering another pretty soon.
  3. hypersthenos

    Ciao from Italy

    Very cool. Nice to hear from you. Keep the updates coming!
  4. hypersthenos

    BD D/S kit question?

    My guess is another connection came loose during your last crash. Make sure to check all the connections. Did the switch assembly get any damage? These switches are pretty fragile. You can dissassemble the switch and check for internal damage fairly easily. My switch has enough wear that it will not operate the tail light in the first position as the printed circuit has worn through. I agree that the BD LED tail light assembly is a good product but before mounting it you should remove the LED light assembly from the bracket & smear some clear silicone around the back edge to prevent water/dust intrusion into the electronics.
  5. hypersthenos

    Air filter issues, list em'! (XR600&650R)

    UNI filter with liberal bead of grease on sealing surface on my XR650R in very dusty/sandy conditions-no problems-perfectly clean inside.
  6. hypersthenos

    XR650 advice/?'s

    Yep you're on the right track planning a DS kit. If you're not much of a DIY'er you can't beat the Baja Designs kit-nice to have a wiring diagram & tech support for troubleshooting. With the headlight that comes with the kit your stock stator will be OK but if you're going to be doing much riding at night you really should consider going with a 55/60W headlight bulb and going with a higher output stator. With the stock stator you will quickly deplete the battery and end up with a dim headlight otherwise. I rewound my stator myself and now the battery is unecessary to run a 55/60W headlight and handwarmers. Some folks may disagree with this stator advice but I found out the hard way riding home from work one night that if you're battery is low even the original headlight that comes with the kit becomes too dim to ride safely. Just my 2 cents worth. Once you've figured out the starting drill (with the jetting dialed in) starting won't be a problem.
  7. Hello everyone. Been too busy to post for the last month prepping for my son's wedding at our place. Glad that's over. Anyhoo while doing regular maintenance I notice that the ground wire coming from the battery (I have a BD DSK and rewound stator) had heated up enough to melt the insulation. This wire is spliced into the ground for the regulator and the only one which was melted was the little pigtail which goes to the battery. I replaced that wire with a larger guage and hope all will be well as no problems had yet surfaced. I noticed some light corrosion where the grounds all bolt to the frame so I'm hoping it was just added resistance there that caused this. Anyone have any input? Thanks in advance.
  8. Probably shouldn't admit to this but here goes! Went for a short ride to the Zip-Trip on my 650 6mi from home. Just before entering the parking lot I reached down to turn down my idle a bit and seconds later my bike starts sputtering & dies as I park it. Didn't have any tools so waited for a good Sam to come around. Borrowed Crescent & loosed the bowl drain thinking there's a bubble of water in the carb. Nope. Checked for gas flow and it does. Removed the headlight shell & checked all connections-all seem fine. Start thinking about major probs like CDI, fried stator and the like. My wife's asleep at home with the little ones so I call my son who has to leave work, go get my truck and come haul my dejected butt home which he does. So here I am 2 days later & got around to seeing what the problem is. Dissassemble the dual sport switch assembly & clean it-all seems good. Decide I should try to start it, reach down & the choke is full on!!!. Must have flipped it up when turning down the idle near the end of my one way trip. Doh! At least it didn't cost me anything to "fix" it! Don't think I'll tell my son for a month or so.
  9. hypersthenos


    Will it damage my lead plated cam?
  10. hypersthenos

    L.E.D. brake/taillight retrofit

    I bought a similar LED replacement throught SuperbrightLEDs.com for less than 1/2 the price. It was a replacement for an 1157 so I just cut the wires which went to the bulb base adaptor & wired it direct to my wiring harness. I then mounted it under the stock lense with some clear silicone adhesive caulk. Works great.
  11. hypersthenos

    XRR Baja Designs kit installed

    One way to eliminate play in the Acerbis mirrors is to place a 1/2" square of electrical friction tape (kind of a cloth type tape with sticky adhesive) on opposing sides of the balls of the mirror stocks where they contact the clamps. Works great and still allows you to fold the mirrors in for off road use. They will still vibrate like crazy but at least they'll stay where you put them.
  12. hypersthenos

    xr650r soft seat??

    I've got the GUTS racing standard height/soft foam & cover (pro black) which has helped immensely. I'm 5'10" so I didn't want the added height of the tall foam. Sorry no pics for now.
  13. hypersthenos

    new seat cover...stapling ?

    I bought an air powered stapler at Harbor Freight model #46365 for $25 which worked perfectly with ACE hardware 1/4" staples #22265. Sunk into the seat pan with no effort & looks exactly like the factory staples.
  14. hypersthenos

    Couple Questions

    I've had an XRL & currently own a 650R. The few drawbacks to the R as a dual sport are the seat (get a GUTS soft foam replacement which works great), no magic button (R's aren't hard to kick start anyway) and the limited electrical output of the stock stator (you will want an aftermarket or rewound stator for regular street use and an adequate headlight). Overheating is not an issue. I've done no mods to my cooling system and have had zero problems even on 100 degree days in downtown traffic. Most overheating problems are during off-road use at very low speeds inhibiting airflow through the radiators while the engine is revving. Other than that the R is superior. The horsepower is night and day better than the L. You can expect around 45MPG with an uncorked R. If you've ridden much off-road the R is the choice. Better suspension (it can actually be jumped without cringing) and it can be geared 15/45 & run on the freeway all day long without breathing hard and still ride moderately tight trails. Don't get me wrong the L is a great bike & I may add one to the stable for a spare. It is more comfortable on long rides with its softer suspenstion and wider seat and there's no denying the convenience of the magic button and the possibility of a passenger (not a realistic option on the R). Just my 2 cents worth.
  15. hypersthenos

    650 R exhaust vs. buell turn signal

    Makes me glad I left my turn signals mounted off the subframe fender bolts with brackets!