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  1. ExcitableTom

    New Guy with questions

    The DRZ 400 is a great choice. I had one for years and I'm 6'1", 260 lbs. I used mine exclusively for off-road/trail riding. I had the "E" model that was not street legal. I switched to a lighter 2 stroke, but for true dual sporting, I'd get a DRZ again. Thought to consider: The E model is all off-road, but it is a better bike (better carb and better supension) Maybe look for an E and convert to road legal or find one already converted.
  2. ExcitableTom

    After you first BIG injury!

    Lots of crash stories here, but its the "big one" that causes you to re-think life. I'm 45 years old and mine was December 11, 2010 on a snowmobile. 60-70 mph. Night. Storm moving in. Alone. Hit a tree. It took me over 5 hours to walk myself out of the woods in a snowstorm and flag down a car. The ambulance ride was only 30 miles, but it took over 2 hours because of the storm and being strapped to a back-board hurts! Eight broken ribs on one side and a lung filling with fluid. I was in the hospital for a week. Yes, I thought my wife was about to become a widow and my sons fatherless. Believe in your heart that you are dying and you will be a changed person. I sold the snowmobile because I thought I would never do anything so stupid again. Three months later, I bought a cheap used snowmobile because it was a "great deal." I will ride again, but I will be different. Slower, more careful and safer. Ironically, on my first dirtbike ride of this season, I went done hard on my chest and head. I was very slow coming out of the woods for the remaining 8 miles. I ached for a couple weeks. Healing takes more time as we age. Have fun, but be careful to ride again another day.
  3. and I suppose you like long walkes on the beach and sunny days? This is a motorcycle site, not a dating site! What are you trying to sell us?
  4. ExcitableTom

    I crashed! Whiskey throttle?

    I rememberred this thread from a week or so ago and now I am curious. I was out for the first trail ride of the season Saturday. We had just got into a fast, smooth-ish section of the trail and we were hauling. Third gear. I see some stutter bumps ahead and prepare to carry the front end over them. Next thing I know the bike is pinned in third gear and a tree at the corner is closing fast. I ended up with a slide / crash with minor aches, pains and a headache. I had never experienced in this in years of riding; it was like my throttle was stuck wide open and I didn't have time to react to it. I was very sore after that and nervious about getting back into the power-band. (well, I did hit a tree on a snowmobile on December 11 and broke 8 ribs 5 months ago.) Is this whiskey throttle and what's the cure?
  5. ExcitableTom

    Knee pads. What do you use?

    Let's keep this thread going. I need knee pads / support but am on a tight budget. I have thick knees / legs, sweat a lot and have Gaerne S10 boots that fit well, but I don't think they would fit a shin pad in. What has expereince taught you for someone like me?
  6. I have a rear fender bag full of trail-side repair tools and materials, including a first aid kit in my hydration pack. I was going to buy a cool, camping, waterproof matches in a plastix box, then I wondered if I ever would even need them? This may sound like an odd question, but has anyone who carries emergency matches or a lighter ever actually had to use it?
  7. Much depends on what and where you usually ride. I had a DRZ400E and spent a fortune (including a professional suspension set-up) trying to make it handle sand and trails better. The DRZ is a heavy bike and it's not a trail bike. Open areas and /or two tracks; not tight single track! Eventually, I sold the 400 and bought a KTM EXC 200 and love it! I strongly recommend you re-think your riding style and locations. The DRZ is a great, bullet-proof bike, but only in the right conditions! Learn from my expereince and spending!
  8. ExcitableTom

    What's the best brand of premix to run?

    Another vote for Champion WP2. Great stuff. I just paid $46 for a gallon. Using 50:1 on a pair of KTM EXC 200's for years with no issues. Used to use Klotz, then blew 2 engines in a season. Probably not oil related, but I changed at that point and have not had any problems since.
  9. ExcitableTom

    Best 2-stroke for singletrack under $2000?

    Easy answer: KTM EXC 200! Best single track bike ever made. Weight of a 125, power of a 250. Quality made.
  10. ExcitableTom


    My wife has had this condition; it can be very, very painful. We originally tried to treat her trigeminal nerve with a process called Gamma Knife. This is non-invasive use of a laser to intentionally "damage" the trigeminal nerve so it won't be so sentsitive. This worked for a while for my wife, but after 2 years, the pain came back. This time we had the mascular decompression surgery. This is a small (3 inch) incision behind an ear and they go in and wrap the trigeminal nerve in a wrap to keep it from touching itself and "shorting out" which causes the pain. She had the surgery about a year ago and has had no pain attacks since. We traveled to the Henry Ford Medical center in Bloomfield Hills for the surgery. There is a wonderful specialist there. The surgery took several hours and she was in the hospital for 5 days of recovery. I highly recommend you investigate the surgery first; we wish we had. Research your docotor and make sure he/she specializes in this. It was a true blessing to get this surgery while the trigeminal experience quite an ordeal for the few years leading up to it. This is also called Tic Dolaray (not spelled correctly, but pronounced "french") The above listed information from the other posts is correct (per my non-medical training, but tons of research.) This is called the suicide disease and epiletic medicines are often used in the beginning (forgive my spelling: Neutrontin and tegretital) Good luck and I will say a prayer for you.
  11. ExcitableTom

    Bad knees

    No X-rays at this time. It doesn't seem to be enough pain to warrent a doctor's visit and/or X-rays; is that the only way to know? Is there knee pain that can be treated with exercise / therapy or am I generally looking for trouble to keep pushing it without knowing what's goin on? I guess I'm hoping you might say a knee brace can help with minor pain.
  12. ExcitableTom

    Don't be stupid

    TTT for an inspirational story. Well worth the read!
  13. ExcitableTom

    Bad knees

    Please let me start with some background. I am a 45 year old guy, 6-1 and 260 pounds. My knees ache easily. Just sitting with bent knees is fine, but when I stand from a sitting position, this always brings minor pain. Squatting down always brings crunching sounds and pain from both knees. Obviously, I like to ride off-road (mostly single track in Michigan.) Would knee braces help? What type if they are recommended? How about just a neoprene wrap; would that help or do I need to look at some of the fancy, mx ones? I also plan to buy a bicycle this spring to help get back in shape. Would this aggrevate my knees or can I strengthen them with use and exercise? Dr. Mark, I saw you did a study and recommend knee braces, but is damage already done or can I build them back up? Thank you for your expereinces and advice.
  14. ExcitableTom

    Don't be stupid

    Wow, what a story. I can oddly relate as I had my close call with death from a snowmobile accident on December 11. I related to everything you said from your thoughts to your prayers. I had close to 7 hours alone in a storm at night. It truely was a life changing experience. I got a week in the hospital with 8 broke ribs and a lung full of fluid (i started to drown internally.) Blessings to you and thanks for sharing.
  15. ExcitableTom

    Over Heating/Sweating

    Fellow sweater here. Late last summer, I bought one of the Klim F4 vented helmets (yes, the funny looking ones.) My first ride with, I was disaapointed; I guess I was expecting to feel air flow or air conditioning and I didn't. At our first rest stop, by son asked about the helemt and I told him it fit my big head well, but wasn't any cooler. My son asked why my head was dry!? It worked and I didn't notice it! I only have one long test ride on it, but I like it! I also wear Moose Sahara vented pants. Much cooler. Vented gear is worth the cost! Hope this helps!