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  1. AbandonedMX

    Updated my bike

    Dude that's a sick little bike you got. 5 grand into it huh? dang I wish I had that money.
  2. AbandonedMX

    Too big for 250F?

    Just get the suspension done. The bike can handle 200lbs fine.
  3. AbandonedMX

    2008 Fox Gear Pictures

    it looks alright, but like everyone else said, it's kind of flashy.
  4. AbandonedMX

    Bubba dump

    awesome rider.....nice to see that even the pros mess up sometimes
  5. AbandonedMX

    The Bike Dale Earnhardt Would Love

    I saw a pic in a magazine of some guy on the 700...but the pic was of him bottoming it out so......yeah
  6. AbandonedMX

    I'm almost famous

    dude that's awesome I wanna get some publicity!!!
  7. AbandonedMX

    Dirtbike Heroes

    awesome work....thanks for sharing
  8. AbandonedMX

    new 55ft double

    looks like a fun jump...I wanna see some video though....
  9. AbandonedMX

    Pics from buddys track

    awesome pics....awesome track......thanks for sharing.
  10. AbandonedMX

    Pics from buddys track

    one pic...but that seems like a pretty awesome jump.
  11. AbandonedMX

    50 or 110

    I say go for the KLX110 it's only a little heavier than the 50 and so much more power.
  12. AbandonedMX

    140cc pit bike vs 65cc 2 stroke

    well why'd you have to go and start using big words? No but seriously, listen to this guy ^^ he seems to have his facts straight, although he could of put it in simpler terms. Thanks XR evo. Oh and I would get your son an 85cc two stroke just because it's a great begginer bike but can also be ridden quite aggresively. If trail riding is all you plan on doing the TTR125 or the CRF150 are great begginer trail bikes. Good luck on your search.
  13. AbandonedMX

    Pitster pro X2R

    Okay cool, thanks guys.
  14. AbandonedMX

    Pitster pro X2R

    wait is that the only difference between the X2R and the X2? I was looking on outlawpowersports.com for one but if someone found them for cheaper on a diferent site please share. thanks
  15. AbandonedMX

    Pitster pro X2R

    I'm looking into buying one, are they any good? Don't recomend a more expensive bike because I'm on a budget here....thanks for any help.