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  1. If you get the DRZ specific ones they go straight on the standard perch
  2. colhogg

    Lifting the DRZ400 onto a dirtbike stand

    Easiest way I have found is if you stand directly behind the bike, lift it upright and straighten the bars, then grab the top of the rear wheel from each side (fingers in between spokes, thumbs on tyre tread) and pick it up that way. Once your back and knees are straight you can hold it for ages like this. Lifting from the side like in that video takes a lot of practice and a lighter bike IMO, as you virtually have to throw it onto the stand.
  3. colhogg

    Form an orderly queue

    It's fair to say I spend a little time on ebay looking for zed parts and I've seen a lot of cool stuff. This falls in the other category. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/B189-48-Used-Dirt-Bike-Parts-2000-Suzuki-DRZ-400-S-Seat-/270851361341?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f0fffca3d
  4. colhogg

    SM Forks, Swingarm, Etc...on S/E model

    The SM swing arm will bolt straight on, no need to change the shock. You will need the axle,240mm disc, brake caliper mount and brake caliper from the SM though as they are all different to the S/E items.
  5. colhogg

    DRZ Fork Yoke Alternatives

    ^^^^^^Oh dear:bonk:
  6. colhogg

    Marzocchi Forks

    OK, so I picked up a set of USD Showas today and the place I got them had a complete front end from a 2007 (I think) Husky TE610, forks, yokes and four pot Brembo caliper and I couldn't help myself! Would anyone care to venture an opinion (based on some sort of fact please!) as to weather it would be worth the effort in modifying the Zokes to fit or am I best to just stick with the standard SM ones. The bike is used for 50/50 road/fast woods. Thanks
  7. colhogg

    SM Fork Identification

    Are there any identifying marks that identify forks as DRZ SM ones? Cheers Col
  8. colhogg

    The riding game.

    Dunno where the thing about posting a picture of the new challenge came from, to me it kind of defeats the object a bit as you're completing your own challenge. And it slows the whole thing down.
  9. colhogg

    The riding game.

    Here you go Next challenge - your bike with a car from the 1960's
  10. colhogg

    IM gettin ready to put my SM whees on my s

    SM front mudguard is a must!
  11. I found that when I did this before it made the seat a lot firmer and less comfortable from the extra thicknesses of the double layers and the seat foam being a little more compressed, it was a real PITA - literally.
  12. colhogg

    The riding game.

    August 2009?!!! I can see a lot of shameless track day pic posting coming up.....
  13. colhogg

    The riding game.

    Done! I hung around for ten minutes waiting for someone to show up before balancing the camera on my helmet to get the shot with me in as well! I guess Ducati take so much of their customers money Mon to Sat that they can afford to close on Sunday! Next challenge is your bike and a race track. You can be on it; at it or just outside the main gate. Remember the "new photos only" rule please:moon:
  14. colhogg

    The riding game.

    It's the weekend, post the challenge Scoutin!!
  15. colhogg

    SM Tire question

    +1 on the Goldspeeds. To repeat a quote from their blurb... "The only thing similar between a Supermoto tyre and a Super Sport tyre is the colour!"