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  1. Anyone have a writeup or guide they can point me to for replacing the fuel pump on my 2009 TE-610? Can't seem to find a good resource online... Thanks, Gavin
  2. DualsportWA

    Husky sm 610 mods

    Start with aftermarket muffler and power up kit
  3. DualsportWA

    Engine break in advice for a new TE310?

    What's the reasoning behind this? Thanks.
  4. DualsportWA

    Why did you buy a dual-sport?

    Here's mine: ------------------------------------ Did you buy it for gas economy? - No, but I'm not complaining about 55mpg highway for my 2009 TE-610! Do you commute with it? - Yes, in the rain (when dry, I ride my Aprilia Tuono) Did you buy it only to ride to off road areas? No, although I do plan to do that. Do you consider yourself an experienced rider? How many years? - Experienced: Yes. Been riding for 28 years total Do you consider it safer than a full street bike? - On the road? No. I feel slightly safer on my street bike overall because of the tires, but not by a whole lot ------------------------------------ Why did I buy it? Dirt-oriented adventure riding (ride from home, do 500 mile loop in 2-3 days with singletrack and highway), backup commuter for rain, or when working on my other bike. Riding with my kids when camping, scouting when camping. Because I love highway dirtbikes.
  5. Good for you getting out to experience the cold natural beauty!
  6. DualsportWA

    TE610 Airbox Mods - anti water injestion?

    Thanks, I'll do that!
  7. Hey all- it's common knowledge that the TE-610 airbox design didn't take into account water crossings. - with the low ports on the side and what not. I have a 2009 TE-610, and am thinking about simple mods to remove/lessen the possibility of water injestion on water crossings and what not. Has anyone done these kinds of mods to their TE610 airbox? (from mild to "wild" (snorkel?) ). Please share details/pics if you have!
  8. Hey everyone. You know the drill- you buy a new bike, take a few rides, and realize that you need to fix and upgrade things- and that list usually includes some wiring projects. This bike will be used year round, and will be used for both commuting and adventure rides (with singletrack, etc). The need for grip heaters has made me want to think out my long-term plan for the bike, and handle the wiring upgrades in a well though out manner, with a quality extensible installation job. Here's a diagram I just drew that outlines what I'm planning- the one correction would be to run the accessory circuit from the battery rather than the switched relay (since there's a switch to turn it off, and an LED that shows when it's on). Full size: http://farm9.staticf...3304eaa1d_o.jpg I'm still sorting out the components list, but I plan to get a 3-fuse relay switched circuit from Eastern Beaver: http://www.easternbe.../3_circuit.html as well as waterproof toggle switches with rubber boots, etc. I'm currently thinking to mount this in a box that bolts on partially covering the handlebar top clamp. I may also do a Highway Dirt Bikes billet top clamp. It would be great if I could mount the 3-fuse block up front to make future wiring easy, but that may not be necessary... (can tap into wiring in box to add additional accessory items, etc). What do you all think? Feedback welcome!
  9. DualsportWA

    Finally have my dream adventure bike: 2009 TE610

    HuskyRips- couldn't agree more. A lot of manufacturers just can't grasp the need for a lightweight powerful street legal dirtbike with wide range 6-speed gearbox. The TE610 is the closest thing that I know of! If Suzuki were smart they would make the DRZ400S a 6-speed. If Kawasaki were smart, they'd offer a 500cc version of the KLX-250s. Who knows, perhaps Husqvarna will start importing the TE630 or somthing similar again... Stranger things have happened.
  10. DualsportWA

    Finally have my dream adventure bike: 2009 TE610

    Now that's what a dualsport should look like! I've been pondering a 14T for trail work, for now the 15T is great for commuting... 5000rpm at 70mph- perfect!
  11. It's been a while since I sold my 2004 TE250 (LOVED it offroad, always found the narrow gearbox too limiting for road riding). Just picked up a low miles (2770) 2009 TE610 for rain commuting (when I don't want to ride my Aprilia Tuono 1000R ) and adventure riding. Looking forward to strapping a sleeping bag to the rack, and heading out over the pass to remote campsites via singletrack on this bike! (Western WA is awesome for that). Now comes the process of getting this baby geared up! So far the bike has: Handguards Extra lighting Moose racing expedition rack Street tires and original dirt tires Next: Power up kit (including muffler) Protection: bash plate and radiator guards Bags Ride it a ton - all over the place - in all weather You know it's funny- I was reading a thread on what people would hope that Honda would build for a good Dualsport. My idea of an ideal dualsport/adventure bike would be .... the Husqvarna TE610. So I bought one. The only thing I would change would be the cam chain replacement interval (30K would be nicer than 10K, but I am happy to deal with it!). I guess kickstart backup would be nice too- but there's "always something" right? Looking forward to talking TE610 with you all!
  12. Yeah- that will be an issue for sure! One issue I won't have as bad is vibration. The 2004.5 TE250 has a counterbalancer. The engine does not vibrate at all, it's very smooth. I do upholstery, perhaps I'll craft up a super comfy seat and cover. I also forgot to mention that I'm going to do the wheel balance procedure... That should help things run smooth. Anyone tried to fit a 16T sprocket on a 2004 TE250/450/510? I've heard it's "really tight".
  13. Well, I’m contemplating a plan that some may call crazy, others may think is cool. I’d like your feedback. I’m looking for a way to use my TE250 both on the highway (some good stretches, but not that may miles really) and in the dirt. The stock gearing is great for the dirt, but not so hot on the highway due to the really narrow span in gearing. Stock gearing: 9,261 RPM at 60MPH and 10,805 RPM at 70MPH! I don’t like to hold RPM higher than about 6500-7000 constant for any period of time so obviously this is not adequate for any highway travel. My plan inspired by Tom from cycoactive, see this article: (http://www.cycoactive.com/mc/trail_tips/tip_6speed.html ) is to swap sprockets between highway and trail riding in order to cover both types of terrain. I would like to avoid chain adjustment, so I’m planning to either pack 2 chains, or have an “extra section” of chain with two master links. Properly executed, this could be fast enough for not only dualsport adventure type rides (with perhaps one hour of riding on the highway at a time) but also for the quick day ride 30 miles away from home. Overall, the goal is to have sustainable 60MPH cruising ability, and 65-70MPH burst capability. So here’s the sprocket setup I’m thinking of: Stock: 13T front, 50T rear - 9,261 RPM at 60MPH and 10,805 RPM at 70MPH New trail combo: 12T front, 45T rear – (1.02 overall ratio compared to stock), 9030 RPM at 60MPH, 10,535 RPM at 70MPH New highway combo: 16T front, 45T rear – 6772 RPM at 60MPH, 7901 RPM at 70MPH. So with the “quick change” chain setup, I would think I could do the swap in about 5 minutes, which is perfectly adequate. In addition to the sprocket swap-out, the bike would be equipped with the following: - 3.1 gallon IMS tank (have already) – 150+ mile range with highway gearing - Custom rack: Plan is to pack extremely light, wear light packpack, secure sleeping bag, etc to rack - Trailtech vapor computer (have already) - Other street legal gear (have already) - Increased oil capacity (would be a nice to have, anyone have ideas? I’m thinking a 7602 side cover, or other custom solution such as a resivoir) This is the kind of ride I’d like to do (perhaps with a touch less highway): http://www.cycoactive.com/horsethief/default.htm So, the key issues and questions are: - Anyone had trouble with 16T front sprocket (I'm going to ditch the guard)? - Longevity of motor cruising at 6700 RPM for up to two hours at a time - Longevity of transmission - Lightweight bike being blown aroudn (I'm OK with that) - Any other problems you would forsee? I'm not looking to put thousands of road miles on the bike, just for a couple short adventure trips a year, plus some "60 mile a day" rides to and from the riding area.
  14. DualsportWA

    Upgrade 08 TE-510 or buy new 08 or 09 KLR 650

    Certainly the issue of cost may be important here 2006 TE610 - about $4500-6000 depending on miles/shape 2006 KLR650 - about $3500-5000 depending on miles/shape So, if it were me, I'd pick the TE610 hands down! But, the big issue is FINDING A GOOD ONE USED!!!
  15. DualsportWA

    2010 TE510DS, why not?

    I think husky should do this. The TE610 is about 50 pounds heavier, and while it's more highway friendly, some people are looking more for a dirtbike they can ride in the tight stuff AND ride on the highway (even if it's not real pleasurable). The 525/530EXC bikes are better there because of gearing. If you really wanted to go the extra mile, you could throw a touch more oil capapcity in, and a simple cush drive setup, and you'd be set!. I also agree that the TE610 should be left alone as it excels at what it is intended for.