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  1. stellar by attitude has my vote. Fleetwoods matress's are like sleeping on bricks. Skyline built haulers are great inside and out but i have seen 2 frames fail on similar trailers owned by brothers. So far from what i have heard seen felt about eclipse and their customer service thats the direction i will be goin when i get a hauler
  2. im a bit bias samurais are cheap to buy and cheap to build.. I have a tad over 15k into this one which is just as much as one would pay to buy and slightly mod a rhino rzr or any other hot side by side on the market right now. This is fully street legal with heater and good tunes.. and it does over 60mph If you want to go on the other side of things.. a 4wd tracker would be the next best thing if you wanted a more CUSH ride for the folks with a/c and heater and very reliable. My buddy has a 4wd tracker that he bought for 2k and has taken it everywhere in dumont and runs around with no problem. He has also taken it up some 4wd trails and depending on the trail you can make it just about anywhere with creative driving.
  3. Who here has fat calves.. I got some monsters and have a helluva time finding decent priced ATV Boots. Anyone have any insight on this?
  4. Here is the bikemaster version of the battery.. basically the knock off yuasa.. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=TR_781380
  5. you guys arent looking hard enough.. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PU_ytz7s
  6. ISBB

    86 ltt250r

    thx ill try that next... time to hit up ebay
  7. ISBB

    Suzuki 86 ltt250r

    so i have this weird issue with my 86.. It warms up and runs like a raped ape until it gets hot then it just dies like i hit the kill switch. Have replaced wiring harness, coil, plugs, and coil wire. My little brother thought it was a carb problem so he bought a oem carb to go on it. Only thing we havent done is replace the cdi or stator yet. Anyone else seen these weird issues?
  8. ISBB

    85 lt250r

    on the 85's the reeds are at the base of the jug and you really cant examin them without pulling the jug..
  9. ISBB

    lookin to get a cr500

    it just insures that the bowl is full of fuel especially for those that shut the fuel off after every ride. Nothing like kicking it while the bowl is trying to fill.. but whatever floats your boat.. i dont worry about that usually unless mine is having a fit starting..
  10. i wasnt bettin anything i have no doubt your stuff works.. was just asking if thats how that royal purple stuff worked as well.. I dont have a rekluse nor a 4 stroke soooo ya
  11. ISBB

    lookin to get a cr500

    i have it somewhere if not ill pm you when the time nears My lil bro wont be able to make it but ill be out there
  12. ISBB

    lookin to get a cr500

    Hey Airtime.. ill be in glamis the weekend before halloween 24th 25th.. lets do some 500 riding
  13. ISBB

    lookin to get a cr500

    Mine will start 1st 2nd kick warm/cold dont matter usually one or 2 sissy kicks to prime it and one good whomper and she lights off BTW no head shake here and no head shake on britincali's bike when i rode it this past weekend either... soooo some of ya'all prolly had worn out steering stem bearings and didnt know it
  14. ISBB

    99' RM250/ 1990 cr500 conversion

    The guy with the dirty bike in the pictures above said he loved the increased handeling... Check out bannedcr500riders.com there is a whole writeup over there of that one.