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  1. tonymontana

    Puzzling engine noise

    I can almost guarantee it to be the drive chain. Don't be alarmed, and DONT TIGHTEN THE DRIVE CHAIN TOO TIGHT ! ------------------ Tony Montana 01 WR426
  2. tonymontana

    I have gone to the DARK side

    Mitch, I hope your not thinking of riding that work of art. It looks MAGNIFICENT. I would keep the WR for riding, and build a viewing room in my house just for the VOR. ------------------ Tony Montana 01 WR426
  3. tonymontana

    WR426 vs. DRZ400E vs. KTM400EXC

    Robert, I had the same dilema and finally bought an 01 wr426. A KTM dealer told me that the EXC's 2 top gears are narrower than the rest of the gears, cause in the dirt they probably won't get used often as they would on the road. He sugested that it wasn't suitable for extended road riding. My friend rides a DRZ400, which I rode before I made my decision, nice bike, but for me it wasn't in the hunt. Go for the 01 WR 426. ------------------ Tony Montana 01 WR426
  4. tonymontana

    I have gone to the DARK side

    Whats the bottom line Mitch? How much does it cost? ------------------ Tony Montana 01 WR426
  5. tonymontana

    Spark Plug Access

    Hoss most important, take the tank and seat off and LOOK inside the spark plug hole and check for dirt before you take the plug out. If there is any dirt, blow it out with compressed air first. Otherwise it'll fall inside your cylinder, in which case you might as well run it without an air cleaner. ------------------ Tony Montana 01 WR426
  6. tonymontana

    WR 250 or 426 help !

    Ynahg, I haven't ridden one but a buddy of mine is a service manager at a Yamaha dealer and he rides a yzf426. The mechanic there rides a yzf250. After my buddy took the mechanic's 250 for a ride, he is convinced that the 250 would be a better proposition, for the very same resons you mentioned In fact, he wants to sell his 426 so he can buy the 250. On the power question, the 250 puts out similar power to the Honda XR400. Oh and he is about 5ft 9 and about 150 pounds. Hope this helps. ------------------ Tony Montana 01 WR426
  7. tonymontana

    ThumperTalk Question

    On second thoughts, if the manufacturers contribute financially to this site, then they will want a pound of flesh for their money. I know cause i used to work for one of them. Just look at the motorcycle magazines in their tests. Rarely have I seen a bike get canned. Its always a good bike with minor faults. Why cause of the advertising dollar. But I really think that if they can see the number of members here, and soome of the members here are very cluey, (some more than most motorcycle mechanics I have met) then maybe they would adress issiues of warranty faulty design and any improvements we may suggest. 1 month after buying my 01 wr426, I received from Yamaha Australia a product and dealer appraisal form in the mail. This shows that they realize how important customer feed back is. Just my 2 bobs worth. ------------------ Tony Montana 01 WR426
  8. tonymontana

    ThumperTalk Question

    I hear ya Curt. The amount of information in this site is awsome and is worth big dollars for all the manufacturers. Not from a sales point of view but from a feed back point of view. For the manufacturers, it's like having a huge staff of test riders, and a fleet of test bikes being subjected to every kind of riding possible. ALL FOR FREE ! If they don't use this feed back, then they have rocks in their heads. But most importantly this site must remain independant, as therein lies its value. ------------------ Tony Montana 01 WR426
  9. tonymontana

    Help me return to the fold!

    Dennis, I stopped riding dirt 15 years ago and just got back into it May this year. I am 41, 6ft 3 and weigh 215lb. I also thought about XR650 vs WR426 ( I didn't even consider a 250, as good as they might be ) I went for the 426 (thank God). Bikes have come a long way in the last 10-15 years, and they are all good. but some are more "good" than others. The WR is an awsome bike that IMO does everything well and I couldn't be happier on any other bike. ------------------ Tony Montana
  10. tonymontana


    Dad, just last week the same thing happened to me. I drained the oil then was filling it up when oil started to overflow from the filler then setteled slightly. I had put in about 1200 cc's. I got confused and thought i had put in 2200 cc's as this had never happened before. By the time i put in what I was sure was 1800 cc's, the level was almost to the top of the filler. I left it for 2 days but the level did not drop, but after i ran it, the level droped to normal. ------------------ Tony Montana
  11. tonymontana

    Important: Grey Wire test on a WR426 test?

    Very sorry Olson, I goofed. we don't have the grey wire. the wire is capped at the conector. But if I had the wire, I would disconnect it. My bike runs like a clock and have always wondered why the American models had trouble with jetting, fouling plugs and being hard to start. Sounds like the grey wire might be responsible. ------------------ Tony Montana
  12. tonymontana

    Rusty spark plug.

    I always squirt some water repellent in the offending hole after I wash the bike ( CRC or WD40 ) and use the small tube supplied with the can. It fits easily in the hole. After a short squirt you can see the water run out with the repellent. ------------------ Tony Montana
  13. tonymontana

    Important: Grey Wire test on a WR426 test?

    Hey Olson Check your wiring diagram, my Australin model 01 wr426 has the grey wire and as far as I know the Canadian and Australian models are the same. I will disconnect mine for a ride on monday ( public holiday in the colonies for her Majesty's birthday ). I'll keep you posted. Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead ------------------ Tony Montana
  14. tonymontana

    Patchy mid range power due to jetting?

    For what it is worth, I was told that the ignition retards in the mid range for noise emission tests. I am from Australia, and will chech if mine has a grey wire. Maybe that is what the grey wire does. ------------------ Tony Montana
  15. tonymontana

    Important: Grey Wire test on a WR426 test?

    For what it is worth, I was told that the ignition retards in the mid range for noise emission tests. I am from Australia, and will chech if mine has a grey wire. Maybe that is what the grey wire does. ------------------ Tony Montana